Nuanced Ambition

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The Importance of Growing At Your Pace

This is why journaling is such a game changer. It allows you to process your unconscious mind and lets you see how far you’ve come in your work and life.

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Recognizing the Bystander Effect with Social Unrest

I cannot talk about brand strategy if I am not vocal about how storytelling is weaponized to coral others into a false of community by manufacturing fake outrage and fear.

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Respecting How Ambition is Nuanced

I feel like I need to give a whole dissertation about why I hop from platform to platform, but the world is collapsing and I think my decision to move back to my old digital stomping grounds is not even in the top 1,000,000 of what’s priority right now.

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Welcome Fall Season

I used to think I had a pretty strong work ethic comparable to my lifestyle. I justified the afternoon naps because I’d often bring the laptop to bed and work until 1am.

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When *Full Circle* is a Kaleidoscope

It’s not a perfect circle but rather a collection of broken pieces, coming together to make something beautiful.

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Why I Took a Full Time Job

Context matters because life decisions are rarely black + white.

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How Are You Committing to Consistency?

Business models are quickly shifting to accommodate changes in shopping habits, dwindling attention spans, and over-saturation of experts.

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There Are Always Two Sides to Your Brand

The phrase “blessing and curse” is an example of the duality we have to manage because the world leaves little room for monetizing with integrity. Ethical capitalism is an oxymoron but it is also the reality we live in.

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Are You Looking to *Empower* or Be “In Power?”

We are being tasked to bring our magic to empower the world to be better but we can’t move the needle if we’re not acknowledging the gravity of where we are at, both individually and collectively.


Things Haven’t Been the Same Since 2020

Many people had a “come to Jesus” moment about who they wanted to be and how they wanted to monetize their expertise. The “hustlers” took to social media and created a ton of content because that became one of the only places to generate income.

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Are You Loyal to Things That Don’t Reciprocate?

Social media is one of those areas where I always wonder why people are so determined to stay where they’re either intentionally excluded or encouraged to not participate.

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The Complexity of Hyper-Visibility

Without being present, how will your potential customers find you? With being present, how will you ensure you don’t overstep your own boundaries?