How Are You Committing to Consistency?

you didnt come this far to only come this far lighted text

I’ve been keeping a secret for a few weeks and when I am ready to share, I will spare no expense in the grand gesture of reveals.

No it’s not a book deal. Baring a ridiculous amount of magic and miracle, I am not expecting. For someone who’s super chatty + talkative, when I make moves they tend to be hella quiet + super quick. Only three people know: my BFF, therapist, and a client. ūü§ę

Sharing this would require context which is something that I am not ready to fully disclose in such a public way. It taught me though, that if I am nothing else, I am consistent about chaos management.

I have always struggled with commitment and after these past few weeks, I will never judge another Bachelor or Bachelorette. (no I’m not engaged!)

Commitment means making a choice. It means deciding one of the many options presented.

While I struggle in some areas with commitment, I am consistent in how I manage the fallout of breakdowns that don’t lead to breakthroughs.

Survival mode means being aware of how one’s existence is being compromised.

And as I follow the yellow brick road on this mental wellness journey, I unlocked a new level of commitment to consistency.

Chaos management, as I call it, is when the rug gets pulled from underneath you and now you have to create equilibrium when there’s no calmness to be found.

The vagueness I speak of is also playing out with the trends I am noticing in the self-employed coaching / consultation space.

Business models are quickly shifting to accommodate changes in shopping habits, dwindling attention spans, and over-saturation of experts.

Most of us are overwhelmed in some capacity and trying to stay relevant with an ever changing digital space.

Some basic business concepts will always apply though and it’s important to remember how you may be abandoning your authenticity to keep up with trends that are designed to keep you at the mercy of questionable algorithms.

Drama, conflict, and insecurities are driving engagement on all platforms.

How do you stay aligned with your integrity and purpose without compromising the ways you are authentically unique?

Does it mean you need use a face app to appeal to the masses?

Are you stirring the pot with controversial takes to get attention?

Is calling out a random stranger to posture your authority worth the fame?

What if calling people you know and selling your book, deck, services, or products can convert a few sales?

Would you do it?

This is a holiday weekend of sorts. Use this time to think about how you are making this hustle harder than it needs to be.

The new moon is in Pisces. Saturn is also acting like a drill sergeant in Pisces.

Pisces energy is full of magic and imagination.¬†It’s also riddled with illusion and fantasy.

Are you struggling to make things work because you’re more attached to the “idea” of how you want it to be?

Are you throwing whatever you can against a wall and hoping to see if something sticks?

Are you committing to a consistency that is no longer serving you, your brand, or your business?

In many ways, I am consistent about my inconsistency. I am committed to being uncommitted.

There are going to be times where we have to decide where to put our faith. Pisces is ruled by Neptune (in modern astrology) and Neptune is all about the illusion.

But Pisces is also ruled by Jupiter (in traditional astrology) and Jupiter is all about expansion of your beliefs.

At the time of this writing, we are in Virgo season which is on the opposite side of Pisces. Virgo is ruled by Mercury who is causing a scene in retrograde. I’m breaking this down so that you can see how opportunities present themselves at the right time to do what will support your growth.

Spend some time in your thoughts. Revisit all beliefs you had about who you wanted to be, how you wanted to shine, and why you want to thrive.

Because the future version of you needs you to be intentional about how you create opportunities for them to flourish.

Use this time to think about rewriting your copy, re-examining how you use social media, reigniting your passion, and repositioning your business model.

Remember…you did not come this far¬†to only come this far.