The Importance of Growing At Your Pace

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I write in my head while commuting. Unfortunately those moments of daydreaming haven’t translated into newsletters or blog posts. With everything going on in the world, and in my immediate daily life, I am embracing a lackadaisical approach to my hustle.

Because I can.

And so can you.

Every year, this season is filled with FOMO and I want to advocate a less strenuous perspective for navigating the holiday season as a budding entrepreneur.

Ideas are only as good as the desire to see them through. If you’re overwhelming yourself to make magic when you’re running on *E* then magic can easily become poison.

Today’s lesson is simple: what does it mean to grow at your pace?

As a recovering perfectionist, ease and leisure is what I was taught to avoid at all costs. I was told to make myself busy, either at work or home.

I was taught that boredom was a sign that I was being lazy and needed to figure out how to keep myself occupied.

The irony of that term, often used to plant the seed of “busyness” and how it’s used to teach us our place within colonization.

Because being a busy bee is a sign of productivity and to be productive is often tied to purpose…but do you ever wonder who’s purpose requires your constant busyness?

These past few months have been a season of awakening for me. The medium I met with who told me that this job would be healing didn’t mince her words and I totally recognize the ways I’m transforming into a better person.

And it’s not without growing pains.

As we wrap up the last 50+ days of 2023, what are the growing pains that are catalyzing your breakthrough?

Who were you on January 1 and who are you now?

This is why journaling is such a game changer. It allows you to process your unconscious mind and lets you see how far you’ve come in your work and life.

I am considering a monthly group that would including journaling. If this is something that would be of interest to you, let me know. 😉

Use the this week to think about how your brand, business, and life can change in 50 days.

Maybe you’re doing a 50-day countdown, like me, to track how you’re moving the needle with your vision.

I’m off to my ASL class. 😬