Are You Looking to *Empower* or Be “In Power?”

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I can always tell when someone is changing their strategy, approach, and business model. The way they engage with storytelling shifts. Special promos get extended beyond what they normally do. Prices are slashed significantly.

The scarcity marketing and FOMO tactics go into overdrive, via emails and social media.

I can always tell.

Changes in marketing usually indicates a shift in buying behaviors.

During times of financial abundance, people are more likely to invest in higher ticket items.

Those 5k coaching programs are easier to justify when there’s no fear of financial uncertainty.

And while YOU may not be in a financial downturn, or if you’re more in the “think positive to manifest it” camp, the people who have to navigate reality with practical approaches are experiencing a lot of change and instability.

Covid is on the rise, and no “summer flu” is not a real thing.

The climate is collapsing. Parts of Maui is *gone.*

Social unrest has become an issue for every day ending in “y.”

Don’t let the clever memes fool you. People are pissed, frustrated, and reaching a breaking point.

Price gouging is going unchecked.

Workers are getting organized.

Through all of this, this administration wants to make a push for people to “return” back to the offices.

It is not low vibration to talk about these things.

This is the reality for many people and it absolutely impacts how they invest and what they spend $$$ on.

No meditation is going to magically make egg prices go down.

No amount of EFT is going to stop the glaciers from melting faster.

We are being tasked to bring our magic to empower the world to be better but we can’t move the needle if we’re not acknowledging the gravity of where we are at, both individually and collectively.

This week’s reflection is to ask yourself:

  • How am I contributing to a better world?
  • What skills am I sharing to help elevate others?
  • Where could I make better use of my expertise?
  • What new audience am I not tapping into…that maybe I should?

It’s not one or the other. You don’t have to sacrifice the vision of how you think you’re supposed to build your brand + business.

You simply need to reimagine what it means to be successful and sustainable.

There’s value and purpose to everything you create and monetize.

It’s never just the superficial. If you sell makeup, it’s more than just lipstick. You are giving people a resource to help them feel desired.

If you offer social media services, it’s more than just scheduling IG posts. You are helping others create meaningful connections with an audience that benefits from whatever you are promoting.

If people are not buying from you, before you assume that there’s something wrong with your brand + business, dig a little deeper and ask why.

If you’re not getting the engagement you desire, is it because your message no longer resonates with people?

This Venus retrograde is a great opportunity to do a deep dive with yourself and get to the core of your values because you may find that the disconnect is not with what you offer or the price point, but rather that you are not in alignment anymore.

Maybe your audience needs to change.

Maybe your voice needs to evolve.

Or maybe you’ve outgrown your brand + business.