Hola & welcome to my digital casa! I am a

Brand Strategist & Storyteller

who loves to work with multi-passionate women, muse about life, create pretty things, and take quirky adventures while in the pursuit of the perfect chai latte.

I work with mission-driven brands, socially conscious businesses, and soulful entrepreneurs who want to create opportunities for aligned profitability. I am also the creative genius behind the Multi-Passionate Blueprint and the Sacred Journey Oracle Deck.

As a seasoned pro with over 15 years of experience in vocational counseling, web design and online marketing, I leverage my expertise to support businesses and individuals with creating a holistic approach to building an intentional brand and business.

I’ve worked with major media and entertainment brands including NBC Universal and Vme TV, startup initiatives including the Alley + Florida International University (FIU) Ratcliffe Startup Studio and NYC Department of Small Business Services: Catering Business Pathways, and women-led organizations such as the Latinista.

I also write the weekly newsletter #InboxConversations where I share wisdom on navigating the emotional journey of self-mastery through the lens of entrepreneurship.

When I’m not imparting a snarky approach to life and business, you can find me searching for the perfect cup of chai latte, roller skating in a local park, or dreaming about the next road trip.

Where You Have Seen Me

Connect With Me

I am an INTP, Enneagram 4, Pisces sun, Libra moon, and Aquarius rising which means I know how to strategize a game plan and organize your creative genius with magic & spreadsheets, while tapping into the cosmos for guided support.

So feel free to reach out when you are ready to approach your

Socially Yours

I am socially active the most on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn – in that order, so let’s be IG besties, Twitter homegirls, and LinkedIn hustlers.

Willing to Travel, because of course!

While I am currently located in the NJ/NYC area, this wanderlust chica is MORE THAN WILLING to travel, near and yonder. I have a soft spot for warm weather and my Achilles Heel is snow. (No you cannot call me George!)

I love chatting it up in a formal setting, virtual & in-person.

I am available for any of the following brand + business shenanigans:

    • Moderating panel discussions
    • Participating in a webinar
    • Leading conversations on imposter syndrome, being multi-passionate, personal branding, storytelling, and the entrepreneurial journey
    • Teaching a workshop
    • Hosting a seminar