Hola & welcome to my digital casa! I am a

Strategist & Storyteller

who loves to empower multi-passionate peeps, muse about life, create pretty things, and take quirky adventures while in the pursuit of the perfect chai latte.


My name is Vicky Ayala and I am a multi-passionate storyteller who empowers others like me to organize their strategy, monetize their expertise, and diversify their offerings with self-publishing. I have several books on Amazon and am the quirky bruja behind the Sacred Journey Oracle Deck.

Currently you can find me running my mouth online and empowering young adults to embrace their magic through gainful employment. I am also writing a novel and developing my second oracle deck. 😬

As a seasoned pro with over 15 years of experience in vocational counseling, web design, and online marketing, I leverage my expertise to empower businesses and individuals with creating a holistic approach to building an intentional brand and business.

Sacred Blemishes is my personal diary, where I exercise my storytelling muscle and process the thoughts that ruminate through my overwhelmed mind. I have been living with undiagnosed ADHD & OCD and am now working through an unraveling season, grieving a life I could have while also extending grace to the me that thought I was broken and “needed fixing.”

Where I’m from is the context for my voice.

I am a Gen’X boricua from the NYC projects. I live with anxiety and I talk a lot. My journey has been full of nuanced ambition and I hope to be an example for those who feel like they are hiding themselves to chase the perfect brand, business, and life.

When I’m not writing about the latest breakthrough, you can find me searching for the perfect cup of chai latte, internally crying about the Yankees, or dreaming about the next road trip.

Where You May Have Seen Me

Connect With Me

You can reach to me to discuss how I can support your brand strategy & storytelling with a personalized package that includes and is not limited to ghostwriting, web design, self-publishing support, coaching sessions, and group workshops.

You can also hop onto my weekly newsletter where I muse about harnessing cosmic insights to evolve your hustle.
Socially Yours

I am most socially active on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn – in that order, so let’s be IG besties, Twitter homegirls, and LinkedIn hustlers.

Willing to Travel, because of course!

While I am currently located in the NJ/NYC area, this wanderlust chica is MORE THAN WILLING to travel, near and yonder. I have a soft spot for warm weather and my Achilles Heel is snow.

I also renewed my passport so…😉 🛫

I love chatting it up in a formal setting, virtual & in-person.

I am available for any of the following brand + business shenanigans:

» Moderating panel discussions
» Participating in a webinar
» Leading conversations on imposter syndrome, being multi-passionate, personal branding, and storytelling, and self-publishing
» Teaching a workshop
» Hosting a seminar

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