Respecting How Ambition is Nuanced

You'll get it eventually neon sign on wall

And just like that…

I’m back to WordPress and back to my original brand name.

I feel like I need to give a whole dissertation about why I hop from platform to platform, but the world is collapsing and I think my decision to move back to my old digital stomping grounds is not even in the top 1,000,000 of what’s priority right now.

Maybe I’m just indecisive AF.

Maybe it’s the OCD & ADHD. Maybe it’s getting triggered and needing to feel like something is familiar. Maybe it’s more cost effective. Maybe it’s that WordPress & WooCommerce are just better. Maybe it’s because I value ownership above all and want to lead by example. Maybe it’s that I like how my site looks in WordPress. Maybe it’s wanting to have options that Podia & Substack don’t offer. Maybe it’s the solar eclipse in my 9th house.

Maybe it’s all of the above.

As I settle into my new life as a rat racer, I’m feeling myself again. I am back to color coordinating cute-ish outfits. I was in a wedding over the weekend so I have cute nails and am obsessed with fake eyelashes.

Right now I am embracing the Venusian vibes of Libra and leaning into all things beauty, luxury, and self-care.

When it comes to your brand + business, the right platform is self-care.

Creating systems that work for you is self-care.

Being consistent with how you show up online is self-care.

Because bankable habits breed opportunities for trips to the spa, luxuries that help you feel good, and a life with flexibility and ease.

Perspective will see someone dressed up with makeup as either an expression of vanity or professionalism.

One of the “rebrands” of my content is organizing the weekly insights as reflections on Nuanced Ambition.

Because choosing to participate in capitalism is not a simple conversation. There are layers to consider.

Is it wrong to want a million dollars?

  • What if that financial goal meant that one could ease the suffering of others?
  • What if it meant that family members who you care get to worry less about how they are going to make ends meet?
  • What if it mean having the flexibility to seek mental health services without fearing unemployment?
  • What if it mean supporting others in your community?

Depending on who you ask, the desire to acquire wealth can be a form of financial empowerment or greed?

  • What would it look like to you if both were true?
  • How would your perspective change if both were false?

Every day we are making life happen in the grey areas and the more intentional we can get about not abandoning our authenticity, the easier it becomes to pursue a vision that well outside of our comfort zones.

After about four years, I feel like I can see my vision again and it is with WordPress.

Podia is a great platform and I highly recommend it for anyone who does not want to spend the time and energy managing WordPress.

I have been using WordPress since about 2006. How I use the platform is different. I can go in and set up shop in an hour. I can customize an entire website in less than a day. And it’ll be cute AF.

I also know that presentation accounts for how others perceive your value. When you’re in a pretty dress with makeup and fluffy eyelashes, people treat you differently.

I am not going to get into whether that’s right or wrong.

Peace of mind for me is working with the realities in front of me and saving my energy for the changes that are within my control.

I am picking up some stuff at Ulta later today.

If my physical presence is a canvas, I need to go back to treating it like the dashing website that it is. Because my presence will influence the opportunities I want to cultivate for myself.

Self-esteem that comes from vanity is no less of a dopamine hit than it comes from knowing your worth. Because “knowing” your worth is not the same as getting “paid” your worth.

Maybe that makes me fake.

Maybe that means I’m superficial.

And maybe that also means I am returning to playing the game within the parameters of rules that are well outside of my control.

I know this is a different tone and shift in my voice. Knowing that I have a traditional means of supporting myself allows me the privilege to explore how I want to evolve my brand + business, and with that comes a different kind of audacious energy.

Maybe the next time we speak, I’ll be on Kajabi. Who knows.

If the moon can renew itself every 28 days, why can’t we?