As a storytelling strategist, I empower multi-passionate peeps to organize their vision, leverage their voice, and create offerings that align with purpose & integrity.

When I’m not traversing to the West Bronx, you can find me writing about how I navigate the nuance of life through the lens of a neurodivergent snarky GenX Latina.

I am passionate about identity, creative expression, and emotional wellness so don’t be surprised if I rant about pop culture, politics, and my mental health journey.

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New Job Reflections

I wanted to reassure my conflicted mind that I was not taking steps back, even as I answer what feels like the millionth time “why did you take a traditional job?” 

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A New Kind of Balance

To be honest, I never imagined I’d been living with an ADHD brain. I simply thought I was imperfect, slow to succeed, and built for mediocrity. It took years of breakdowns to understand my breakthroughs.

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Growing Pains

It’s been an interesting journey of recollecting memories from the last 40+ years. Battle scars that I would laugh at because it’s funny to those that gave to me would often leave the clinical professional clutching their invisible pearls.

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Last Quarter Moon in Gemini

Mutable means to change. You can stay stagnant or you can evolve. You can do the same thing over and over expecting different results or you can shift your focus.

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Full Moon in Pisces

Even if you have your shit together, there are very likely areas where you can make adjustments to improve your approach, voice, and/or engagement capacities.

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Deconstructing Who I Am

One of my favorite sayings is how breakthroughs are often disguised as breakdowns. Whether it was an emotional breakdown, a spiritual meltdown, or an aha moment – a switch was turned and I have been grappling with getting back on a solid foundation.

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There Are Always Two Sides to Your Brand

The phrase “blessing and curse” is an example of the duality we have to manage because the world leaves little room for monetizing with integrity. Ethical capitalism is an oxymoron but it is also the reality we live in.

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New Moon in Leo

Where people see confidence with Leo energy, I see pure creative expression. Where people see bravado with Leo energy, I see unrelenting desire to be unapologetic.