be on purpose. live by design.

brand strategist. visual storyteller. chai tea latte addict. whimsical daydreamer.

My name is Vicky and I want to personally welcome you to my digital casa! *high five*

My bread & butter is brand strategy. I help multi-passionate entrepreneurs with creative ideas and strategies for standing out online.

My passion is visual storytelling.

I love to take the fantastical ideas in my and give them the heart and soul they need to live in the real world.

You’ll find me either talking about personal branding, creating pretty things for the Interwebs, or going on quirky adventures.

Sit back, relax, get inspired and
Let's make magic together!

from idea to dot com

take your idea to the next level

sacred hustle workbook

plan your online strategy with intention and purpose

Give yourself some time during each phase of the lunar cycle so you can maximize the energies to boost your brand development and online marketing techniques that keep you consistent and relevant with your audience.

Each tasks is paired with a card from the Sacred Journey Oracle Deck so you can meditate on the meaning for those tasks.

Simply print out the pages and go at your own pace.

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ninja geek collective

group coaching for brand magic makers.

Your personal brand is a fusion of your
natural talents, audacious passions and bankable skills.

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