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Creative Entrepreneur, Brand Strategist & Author
who loves to work with multi-passionate women, muse about life, create pretty things,
and take quirky adventures while in the pursuit of the perfect chai latte.

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Hola & Welcome!

My name is Vicky and I am a snarky Latina with a passion for creative expression and an obsession with doing life on your own terms.

I’ve been doing this entrepreneurial hustle since 2003 and there’s nothing I’d change about my journey. Each breakthrough was disguised as a breakdown and here I stand with stories to share about how to embrace your authentic self and create the kind of business that reflects your passions, personality, purpose, and profit potential.

I created the SACRED BRAND MASTERY where I help multi-passionate women get the clarity, confidence, and courage to cultivate their bankable hustle.

When I’m not fusing entrepreneurship with mysticism, you can find me musing about life, making whimsical memories, and searching for the perfect chai latte.

Other important stats that you can use to break the ice when we chat it up IRL: I’m left-handed Puerto Rican from LES, I have a Pisces Sun + Aquarius Rising + Libra Moon, I’m a devout Yankees fan but I won’t boo the Mets, and my last cup of Cafe Bustelo was about 10 years.

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