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Storyteller &

Brand Strategist

obsessed with
chai lattes & adventures!

Sometimes Bruja & Always Quirky.

I am a snarky Latina with a passion for creative expression and an obsession with life by design + on your own terms.

I’ve been doing this entrepreneurial hustle since 2003 and there’s nothing I’d change about my journey.

I teach multi-passionate women how to create a cohesive brand with authenticity and strategy.

Nothing lights me up like helping others gain the clarity, confidence, and courage to pursue their passion and monetize their expertise.

Whether you need permission to own your voice, a blueprint for organizing your creative genius, or support + accountability to manage your workflow, we’ll work to align your hustle with purpose and intention.

During whatever down time I can carve out, I can be found flexing my storytelling muscles.

With a DSLR camera in tow and a quirky imagination, you can catch me daydreaming on the go and musing about culture, travel, and life.

Ready to navigate the entrepreneurial journey, with creativity and magic?!

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After working with Vicky, she helped me download all my ideas out of my head and on to paper. Her session supported me to take a look at my systems and finally gain clarity about my goals for my online brand. This lead to her creating the solid annual marketing plan I needed with a structure to deliver content to my ideal clients while staying true to my voice.


lisatalkslove.com & latinaentrepreneurs.co

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Let’s connect to get you the clarity to align your passion and monetize your expertise.


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Christine G

Vicky was always there to guide me and just took all the stress away for me and truly made me feel that I was taking my business to the next level. She gave me the genius idea to focus on my expertise as a therapist and coach who specializes in helping women break free from love addiction. She saw that clearly and that has drastically altered my business.


christineg.tv & fiercelovefiercelife.com

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This deck is comprised of 50 cards with handpicked mandalas, paired with a word and guided intention for you to reflect, journal and meditate.

Your deck includes a digital copy of the Sacred Journey Self-Mastery Guide, a 393 page book that guides you through the 10 phases of your Sacred Journey.

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