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I’m a quirky brand strategist, creative soulpreneur, and renaissance bruja who supports women to birth their brand, business, and baby.

Who you are IS your competitive edge and I’m here to help you align your passion + purpose with profitability.

Each week I write about teachable moments and inspire you to be unapologetic with how you want to show up. Subscribe to receive weekly insights that help you navigate the entrepreneurial journey, with creativity and magic!

I work with

multi-passionate soulpreneurs

who want to align their passion and purpose

with profitability.

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Each week I share bite-sized nuggets o’ wisdom to help multi-passionate soulpreneurs align their passion, magic, and purpose with profitability.

Whether it’s teachable moments or brand breakthroughs – tune in to get the clarity, confidence, and courage to rock the dopest version of your ambitious and authentic self.

New episodes coming in summer 2020.


Monetize Your Magic

Audit Your Brand Presence

I treat a website like someone’s digital casa and just like your home, there’s clutter that can mess up with your flow. If you’ve ever lived with someone who’s a hoarder, then…


Reset + Reconnect

Sacred Journey

Oracle Deck

This deck is comprised of 50 cards with handpicked mandalas, paired with a word and guided intention for you to reflect, journal and meditate.

Your deck includes a digital copy of the Sacred Journey Self-Mastery Guide, a 393 page book that guides you through the 10 phases of your Sacred Journey.

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