Are You Loyal to Things That Don’t Reciprocate?

persons hand with white manicure

I’m from the “ride or die” generation and even within that are a cohort of peeps who question the unconditional loyalty of sticking to things + people that we’ve either outgrown or don’t get reciprocity for our allegiance.

Social media is one of those areas where I always wonder why people are so determined to stay where they’re either intentionally excluded or encouraged to not participate.

The genesis of most apps we use to amplify our magic are rooted in greed, discrimination, and downright icky-ness. Go read up on how Facebook came to be.

Wherever there are resources to hoard, there are greedy mofos ready to exploit without consideration. And while it’s impossible to engage in ethical consumption, we still shill for platforms that DGAF about our emotional well-being.

I’m on a soapbox rant because this message is meant to pluck some hairs. If you are offended, ask yourself why?

Are you offended because you’ve built a career using these apps?

Because if you willingly empower those who unapologetically extract to the detriment of the collective, then does that make you public enemy by association?

And if the answer to that reflection is yes, then why are you more loyal to maintaining an unsustainable world than trying to course correct and move with integrity?

No one is asking you to boycott social media or even change your entire lifestyle. What I am asking is to do a deep dive about where you give your loyalty.

This doesn’t even need to be that deep. I had a decades long loyalty to WordPress and I moved.

It’s not about shifting loyalties. It’s about realizing that when unrequited commitments are one-sided, that’s not loyalty. That’s pendejaism. Yea, I just made that up!

What are you loyal to?

How are your loyalties supporting your growth OR stifling your progress?

Stan culture, para-social relationships – these are examples of loyalty gone amok. And I get it. We want to believe in something or someone. We want to hold on to the illusion we have in our heads about we think they are or should be.

Despite what my rant might suggest, I don’t believe loyalty is a bad thing

Loyalty embodies a fierce devotion that supersedes logic or reason.

Not all examples of loyalty are bad. I’m loyal to the Yankees. I’m loyal to my emotional well-being. I’m devoutly loyal to mid-afternoon naps.

The things you believe in should be bigger than your purpose because you don’t want to have your loyalty costing you millions in a defamation lawsuit, forcing you to live in another country while hiding assets. 🫢

You can be loyal to your present self while trying to recreate a new world for yourself.

Don’t stand up for anything that will sell your shit out in a heartbeat for some blood money or throttle your engagement because you refuse to drop $8 a month to engage with fascists.

At the end of the day, platforms can absolutely expand your reach and connect with a global audience. There’s tremendous power in that.

Just don’t lose sight of the fact that these technological advances are run by people who’s agenda are often misaligned with yours.

Make your moves accordingly and form allegiances with what empowers your best potential.