There Are Always Two Sides to Your Brand

closeup photo of shuriken on wood

The word duality is the state of being two or divided in two. It comes from the 14th Century. It’s latin because of course.

So much of business is about navigating the grey areas where duality is the language of engagement, marketing, and sales.

The phrase “blessing and curse” is an example of the duality we have to manage because the world leaves little room for monetizing with integrity. Ethical capitalism is an oxymoron but it is also the reality we live in.

Whether it’s COVID, climate collapse, or culture wars – how do we create a nugget of peace where we can stay as true as possible to our authenticity while also carving out a piece of the pie ($$$) so we can participate in capitalism without losing our moral compass?

That’s a great question…one I don’t have to answer to. What I do know is that we are all, for the most part, doing what we can with whatever limited resources we have to do them with.

I say “limited resources” because in many ways “you don’t know what you don’t know” also applies to unconscious challenges that show up as sabotage.

Leo season is winding down which means we can close this chapter of creative audacity and bold authority.

How have you used this energy for your brand + business?

In the film “The Dark Knight,” the character Harvey Dent used to flip a coin when making decisions with others. He would always win. There was a reason for it.

The coin he used had the same on both sides so no matter what. Some call this cheating. Others call this “making your own luck.”

You decide for you.

When playing the game of life, how much are you willing to leave to chance?

We say “trust the process” a lot but what does that even mean?

  • When is “trusting the process” the same as being complacent?
  • When is “trusting the process” the same as giving up?

So much of inspirational and motivational jargon often feels like spiritual bypassing. I’ve been questioning so much over the past few months and I’m starting to realize how harmful “good intentions” can be.

Because I think about Harvey Dent and how he wanted to rig an unfair game so that he could have some kind of advantage and do some good in the world.

Until life turned his shit upside down. The symbolism was pretty fascinating.

He got the nickname “Two Faced” not just because he had a coin with heads on both sides but also because he had “two faces” after getting burnt in an explosion. He lost the love of his life and that traumatic experience brought him to the dark side.

As I write about the movie, I see why I resonated with it so much. I mean, yea, I will always love Heath Ledger and Christopher Nolan is in my top 3 of directors. The movie was EPIC, including the message.

As peace of mind feels fleeting and normalcy becomes untenable, decide if you want to make your brand + business moves with a two-sided coin.

Virgo season comes with the gift of yet another Retrograde transit so if you’re at your wit’s end with Venus shenanigans, you’ll probably feel like the Joker during September. 🤡

Virgo season starts August 23. Mercury stations retrograde on August 23. Coincidentally, this auspicious day falls on a Wednesday, the day that is ruled by Mercury.

Leo season was all about fire, passion, creativity, and leadership.

Virgo season is all about discipline, routine, wellness, and sacrifice.

How will you take your breakthroughs from the last four weeks and integrate your growing pains so that your insights could be of service to the people who need your message?

Remember, Mercury is the messenger. It rules both Gemini + Virgo.

Whereas in Gemini the message is a chatty Cathy, in Virgo, your actions is the message.

  • Are you sacrificing your wellness for success?
  • Is your discipline unrelenting to the point of exhaustion?
  • Do you always need to assert your righteousness even when you’re wrong?

Virgo season with the retrogrades is an opportunity to work with your coin.

What side of the coin is perfectionism, criticism, hardworking, and mastery?

Are you sacrificing because you were sold on the idea that striving for excellence is how you attain success?

Are you still sure about that? 🧐