The Complexity of Hyper-Visibility

three person pointing the silver laptop computer

This is a tough conversation to have because we need to have enough space AND grace for two conflicting truths to co-exist at the same time.

Do you need to be online all the time?

Yes and no.

Without being present, how will your potential customers find you?

With being present, how will you ensure you don’t overstep your own boundaries?

Social media is also super convenient for engaging with a global audience and it’s great if you want to leverage that engagement for sales.

On a very basic level, your business relies on sales. If you ask 10 people you personally know to buy from you and five of them purchase, then your ASK is converting at 50%.

Sales is a numbers game. Nothing more, nothing less.

Now, what social media does is help scale that ASK.

If you have 1,000 followers and you ask them to purchase, 500 would give you a 50% conversion rate. However, to get a 50% conversion rate you need two things: a compelling offer that your audience is craving AND an emotional connection with your audience where they trust you enough to buy from you.

You can have the most epic offering but if people who want it don’t know you are there, then they can’t buy from you.

On the flip side, you can have an audience but if you don’t have an emotional connection with them, they won’t care enough to buy from you.

In the Break Free from Hustle Overwhelm challenge, I address what could be the important thing you can do when working on your brand strategy – disengage from the chatter.

Social media is ah-maze-ing when you are crystal clear about your brand, have concise offerings, and have a seamless experience for bringing prospects through a sequence designed to convert.

You can’t be objective or aligned with your magic when you’re preoccupied with how “everyone else” is doing it.

That’s the crux of buying into the idea that you “need” to be visible 24/7.

In theory yes, your online presence is by default 24/7 and sets the tone for how you “show up” but having a presence and engaging on the platforms are two different things.

So when you ask about being constantly visible online, do you mean simply having an online presence or actively participating for engagement?

There is an emotional investment when you use the platforms and when you over-extend yourself with thinking you need to keep up with everyone else by oversharing, then be aware of how that constant drive to hustle can easily led to overwhelm which is a great way to block your growth.

So yes, you need to be visible online.

And no, you don’t need to engage 24/7.