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Forgiving Myself for Being Myself

I’m in therapy to help identify the ways I self-sabotage so I can course correct myself and get on track with the vision I have for myself. 

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The Importance of Growing At Your Pace

This is why journaling is such a game changer. It allows you to process your unconscious mind and lets you see how far you’ve come in your work and life.

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Recognizing the Bystander Effect with Social Unrest

I cannot talk about brand strategy if I am not vocal about how storytelling is weaponized to coral others into a false of community by manufacturing fake outrage and fear.

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Exist…But Not Like That

Some days I don’t want to live and I’m tired of pretending otherwise.

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So I’ve Been Told

Nothing reminds you how far you’ve come like taking a hundred steps back, professionally and personally.

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Respecting How Ambition is Nuanced

I feel like I need to give a whole dissertation about why I hop from platform to platform, but the world is collapsing and I think my decision to move back to my old digital stomping grounds is not even in the top 1,000,000 of what’s priority right now.

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New Moon Eclipse in Libra

As we enter eclipse season, there are opportunities for you to lean into a season of hustle or a season of flow.

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Welcome Fall Season

I used to think I had a pretty strong work ethic comparable to my lifestyle. I justified the afternoon naps because I’d often bring the laptop to bed and work until 1am.

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New Job Reflections

I wanted to reassure my conflicted mind that I was not taking steps back, even as I answer what feels like the millionth time “why did you take a traditional job?” 

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New Moon in Virgo

Innovate Your Thought Process

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When *Full Circle* is a Kaleidoscope

It’s not a perfect circle but rather a collection of broken pieces, coming together to make something beautiful.

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A New Kind of Balance

To be honest, I never imagined I’d been living with an ADHD brain. I simply thought I was imperfect, slow to succeed, and built for mediocrity. It took years of breakdowns to understand my breakthroughs.

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Why I Took a Full Time Job

Context matters because life decisions are rarely black + white.

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Growing Pains

It’s been an interesting journey of recollecting memories from the last 40+ years. Battle scars that I would laugh at because it’s funny to those that gave to me would often leave the clinical professional clutching their invisible pearls.

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Last Quarter Moon in Gemini

Mutable means to change. You can stay stagnant or you can evolve. You can do the same thing over and over expecting different results or you can shift your focus.