Last Quarter Moon in Gemini

a couple of sheep standing on top of a grass covered field

The Last Quarter Moon in Gemini is an opportunity to evaluate your adaptability. Gemini is in the mutable signs squad and with it’s ruling planet in retrograde (Mercury) – we all can benefit from some reflections on how to shape shift with our changing reality.

I’m kinda biased because the super full moon in Pisces had people bugging out from the intense emotional energy and I’m over here like – welcome to my world.

If you haven’t noticed, lunar cycles, for the most part, coincide with the current energies. For example, as of this writing we are in Virgo season. The full moon was in Pisces, the first quarter moon last month was in Sagittarius and this week’s last quarter moon is in Gemini.

We’re going to call this the mutable signs squad.

When we go into Libra season, the four key lunar phases are going to be in Aries, Capricorn, and Cancer. We’ll call this the cardinal signs squad.

Do you see where I’m going?

For all of the mainstream attention that new + full moon transits get, there’s layers to how you can integrate these cosmic insights.

Mutable means to change. You can stay stagnant or you can evolve. You can do the same thing over and over expecting different results or you can shift your focus.

Last Quarter Moon is a key marker in the lunar phase. It comes right between the breakthroughs of a full moon and starting a new chapter with the new moon. The transition between acknowledging and innovating is like the metamorphosis stage for a butterfly.

Depending on how you look at it, the new moon is the emergence of the butterfly.

That’s your new chapter.

That’s your new identity.

That’s your new life.

But before you can realize that magic, you need to integrate the teachings of unlearning what it meant to be a caterpillar.

This week, embrace the energy of evaluation.

There’s nothing wrong with recognizing where you did or didn’t reach a goal. If you need to recalibrate your energy, vision, or strategy then give yourself permission to restart as often as you need to.

We can talk about your brand + business but at the end of it all, this is your LIFE. No one is keeping score of how you’re doing…except yourself. And if you have peeps in your life treating your journey like a competition then find yourself new peeps.

Gemini energy embodies curiosity and chatter. Leverage this last quarter moon transit to ask yourself the questions you are afraid to answer. Get into your mind and let yourself wander.

Breakthroughs are often disguised as breakdowns and this was no different.

Learning I’ve been living with ADHD and OCD while also unpacking a bunch of childhood trauma is a lot to include with running a business and relying on the very social media platforms that trigger my anxiety.

For all of the upside that comes with self-employment, the emotional journey of entrepreneurship can become overwhelming in ways that don’t make for cute + inspirational IG quotes.

I am adapting to my growth in ways that look non-traditional and offbeat. Five years ago I would have judged myself for failing and now I embrace myself for exploring new experiences. It’s semantics but so what.

We all work the lunar phases in ways that relate to who we are and where we want to go. If there’s anything that stands out about the energies this week it’s to remember that you are the messenger of your brand, business, and life.