Sacred Blemishes

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Forgiving Myself for Being Myself

I’m in therapy to help identify the ways I self-sabotage so I can course correct myself and get on track with the vision I have for myself. 

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Exist…But Not Like That

Some days I don’t want to live and I’m tired of pretending otherwise.

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So I’ve Been Told

Nothing reminds you how far you’ve come like taking a hundred steps back, professionally and personally.

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New Job Reflections

I wanted to reassure my conflicted mind that I was not taking steps back, even as I answer what feels like the millionth time “why did you take a traditional job?” 

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A New Kind of Balance

To be honest, I never imagined I’d been living with an ADHD brain. I simply thought I was imperfect, slow to succeed, and built for mediocrity. It took years of breakdowns to understand my breakthroughs.

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Growing Pains

It’s been an interesting journey of recollecting memories from the last 40+ years. Battle scars that I would laugh at because it’s funny to those that gave to me would often leave the clinical professional clutching their invisible pearls.

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I Was Always Presenting Symptoms

The thing about patterns is that recognition doesn’t equate to transformation. I don’t magically act better once I know better.

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Deconstructing Who I Am

One of my favorite sayings is how breakthroughs are often disguised as breakdowns. Whether it was an emotional breakdown, a spiritual meltdown, or an aha moment – a switch was turned and I have been grappling with getting back on a solid foundation.

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Permission to Rant

Whether it’s a lack of boundaries or create a safe space for people to feel seen, I pride myself on being accessible to those who struggle with the emotional journey of entrepreneurship.…

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Mourning the Loss of Who I’ll Never Become

In many ways, I’ve been procrastinating on grieving the loss of my former self while also mourning the version I will never be. I’m writing a book and the working title is…

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Getting an Official Diagnosis

The journey of self-discovery is filled with a lot of breakthroughs. I’ve been looking for answers since I was in my 30s and being affirmed is a double edged sword. I have…

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The Nuance of TMI

I’m torn and today was a difficult day to write this musing because I am still in a funky headspace to process how I feel about sharing such details. Social media is…

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Am I Really Emotionally Invested in Fear?

Why do we do the things we do when we intellectually KNOW they are not what we want to do? I’m not referring to that day job that helps pay your bills.…

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Being Undiagnosed

My mental health journey has been complex. I go between “is this astrology” or “is this an expression of trauma?” I have insight…tons of it, and I wonder if that’s helping or…

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Stop Talking to Your Younger Self

Coaches do this nifty exercise where they ask you to write a letter to your younger self; in theory, it sounds quaint. The more I think about it, the more I am…