Permission to Rant

brown eggs on white tray

Whether it’s a lack of boundaries or create a safe space for people to feel seen, I pride myself on being accessible to those who struggle with the emotional journey of entrepreneurship.

In the spiritual space, it’s often referred to as being “low vibrational” and depending on who you talk to, ranting means to complain and that makes you a friend to discard + dismiss.

And yet I allow clients to rant. I encourage them to feel unapologetic about having those moments where the inner chatter gets so unbearable that they need to let off some steam.

Sometimes there’s a lot of profanity. Other times, there’s tears.

It’s important to ME for clients to feel validated in their emotions because I know how debilitating it can be to feel so disconnected from others that you fear sharing because of the judgement that come with opening up.

Sometimes we just need to air shit out. Sometimes we need to take all of that inner noise and get it out of the mind. I’m a “clear your throat chakra” cheerleader.

Say whatever you have to say and let’s process it so you don’t feel isolated from the emotions that could sabotage your efforts.

I do it for them because no one does it for me.

As I navigate my mental health journey and realize how I’ve been spent a life masking my authentic self, I recognize the power that comes with feeling validated for the emotions that we’re taught are wrong.

So much of entrepreneurial talk is rooted in individualism and toxic positivity. There’s little to no room for accommodating individuals who function differently.

“If you’re not a morning person, then you’re a failure” was a big one for me, to the point where I created a routine that was not only detrimental to my physical health but also messed up my mental health.

It’s why I promote naps despite still surrounding myself with people who are still invested in the concept of sacrificing their physical well-being to chase an unattainable metric of success.

So much of my healing has been internal and on my own – often out of necessity. I am actively trying to get consistent treatment but struggle with getting a good therapist. At this point, I will settle for decent.

I’ve isolated myself to the point of profound solitude which makes me second guess if unmasking was worth it.

I live more in my head than in the real world so when I do come out to engage with the collective, I send my real world representative as a way to protect the fragile version of me.

So yea…if you want to bitch about your coworkers to feel better about yourself, I’m here.

If you want to rant about feeling inadequate, let’s talk about it because maybe you need someone to simply listen.

I create space for imperfection to help alleviate one boulder from your shoulder. So much of life is already complicated and difficult.

Why would I want to contribute to your woes?