Cultivating Your “Know, Like + Trust” Factor

people standing inside city building

I’m still reeling from Roman’s meltdown on Succession. LOVE the actor, epically HATE the character. I’ve been on the Kendall bandwagon since episode one. It’s always been about Kendall, if you were ever on the fence.

Despite his toxicity, Kendall’s always had the *it* factor, and by *it* I mean the one who will be trusted to keep the torch burning. Out of context, there are many reasons to despise his character, which is a testament to the epic portrayal of one of the most nuanced characters on cable TV.

Kudos to the actor!

Watching Kendall step in, yet again, reminds the viewer that he rises to the occasion when necessary. There’s a conversation to be had about morality but that’s not where I want to take this commentary.

Kendall is consistently awful and during times of uncertainty, consistency is the most valued commodity.

If you don’t watch Succession, you can always catch up. It’s a masterclass on nuanced storytelling and how even the most dystopian drama can dually serve as a dark comedy.

The three siblings on Succession are a great backdrop to illustrate the concept of “KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST.”

People *TRUST* Kendall will meet the moment whenever there’s audience to woo over.

People *LIKE* Shiv because she hasn’t been “in” it enough to be fully corrupted and she gets to hide behind her liberalism to absolve her complicity.

People *KNOW* Roman because he’s comfortably served as daddy’s lap dog.

NEITHER of these characters embody all three independently, which is reason #5487 why personal success continues to elude them.

As a strategist that is deeply invested in supporting your growth, knowing what’s going on *behind the screens* helps me better understand how to leverage your skills, experiences, and opportunities to engage your audience. Which is why cultivating the KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST factor is a big deal for me.

How I’ve cultivated my KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST factor:

  • I’ve *earned* trust by striving to be a judgement-free zone. I have a no-questions-asked rescheduling policy to offer grace + compassion for when life gets in the way.
  • I’ve evolved my perspective to accommodate a worldview that empowers you to shine + thrive with your authenticity.
  • I’ve divested from so much of hustle culture to embrace a holistic approach with building a brand + business rooted in integrity.



People may KNOW you, but do they LIKE you enough to TRUST you?

I wasn’t always like this and the growth reflects in the confidence I’ve earned from clients who continue to work with me and share intimate details about their personal lives…because it’s all symbiotic.

Whenever I was going through my own shit, it always reflected in how I showed up online. The TMI content, snarkier than usual commentary, inconsistent social presence – these expressions were a direct result of chaos in my personal life.

When I subscribed to perfectionism at all cost, compartmentalizing my life was easier to maintain.

“Fake it til you make it” was never meant to be a sustainable practice, nor is it healthy to hide your true self from…well, yourself.

As we navigate Gemini season, get curious about how you are evolving to improve your own “KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST” factor.

If you had to rank them, which is your strength and which could improve?

Gauge your own progress and identify the ways you’ve developed your brand + business to be regarded as a reliable presence in your niche.

While I am not really rooting for ANY of the Roy siblings, I am rooting for you!

Let me know how I can support your growth and don’t be shy about sharing the wins you want to celebrate, even if those wins include something as simple as sleeping in until 8am on a weekend.

Because rest is the biggest hack capitalism doesn’t want to you know about. 😘