Ever Wonder if Your Brand Triggers People?

person holding coffee mug

It is new moon in Taurus vibes + naturally I’m chillaxin’ in bed with crackers and about to binge watch the new season of Selling Sunset.😉

Before I got comfy, I was peeping my inbox and caught an email that triggered TF out of me. I won’t repeat it b/c it’s not the message but the lesson that I want to talk with you about.

I’ve been getting triggered left + right and it’s always around topics that question what I believe, value, and advocate for: leisure, ease, and grace.

I believe in going at my own pace especially when it means debunking the negative self-talk about laziness.

value rest and naps even when it means fighting myself about not living up to unrealistic expectations.

I advocate for showing grace with yourself against the feelings of perfectionism and imposter syndrome.

So when I see emails + marketing messages that strike an emotional chord with me by pulling on *my* pain points, I don’t feel good.

Being spoken to like I am at fault for not being who I am “supposed” to be does not inspire action and no it is not a stranger’s responsibility to be “honest” with me or play “devil’s advocate.”

This is one of the reasons why I am so defiant about using aggressive “pain points” with any of your storytelling, sales copy, marketing messages, etc.

The challenge with “pain points” is that you don’t know how deep those wounds can hit or how exactly they can trigger someone.

When you have your audience locked in and your cadence with them is established, it stops being about pain points and your engagement becomes more conversational.

The benefits of being YOU is that your brand + business can reflect the relationship you want to cultivate with your peeps.

Do you want to trigger them or do you want to empower them?

I’ll be ok. I unsubscribed and that’s all I can do, but the feeling lingers and it leaves an impression that I don’t think was intended by the sender.

A question that I am often asking myself and clients is…

Who do you want to be?

This is not a “one and done” kind of question but rather an ongoing reflection that serves to align you with purpose…or not.

It’s easy to forget your north star in the midst of trying to keep up with strangers for internet popularity.

So let this #InboxConversation serve as a reminder to recalibrate yourself.

You can’t be all things to everyone but you can choose whether you want to be a source of inspiration or resentment to the people who need your magic.