Last Quarter Moon in Taurus

a person writing on a notebook with a pen

The challenges with fixed signs are in the unwavering perspective that their opinions are the only ones that matter.

Fixed energy can empower you stand in your purpose while also disempowering you from experiencing grace. Fixed earth energy can give you the stability you need to make moves while also judging you when you don’t attain unrealistic goals.

As with everything in life, this is a phase where you will need to embrace the concept of duality so that you don’t drown in the pursuits of your ambitions.

Habits are a funny thing. The way we position success is through the lens of capitalism.

Motivation is designed to shame people into conforming to a rigid alignment of “SMART Goals” and “You are stuck because don’t want it badly enough.”

How invested are you in exploiting yourself for a vision that might not be authentically yours?

Are you more loyalty to the illusion of success than the sustainability of your mental health?

Habits, on a very basic level, are patterns of behavior that we engage in – good or otherwise.

Habits are what we do without thinking. It’s how we set ourselves up in business and life.

Depending on who you ask, it can take between 28 days to 60 days to form a new habit. In theory, consistency is how habits are cultivated so if you can’t change your routines it’s because you can’t commit to consistency which is often code for “being lazy.”

What if your brain works differently?

What if habits are difficult to create because the way you think about behaviors and consistency don’t easily conform to how others do it?

Neurodivergent individuals don’t fit in the box of linear hustle.

Understanding that people need to reach their goals differently is not “making an excuse.” It’s providing context for how we’re all wired differently and need to calibrate accordingly.

Fixed earth energy can make it difficult to offer grace to those who move differently which is why this lunar phase is asking you to go inward.

Evaluate your habits to see what’s working for you and what isn’t. Modify whatever needs to get tweaked, as it relates to how YOU operate and not because you feel the need to fit a mold that you were never created to fill.

There is is nothing wrong with being different.

There is nothing wrong with finding your own path.

There is nothing wrong with making moves that accommodate your capability.

Don’t let the pressure to be like everyone get in the way of you shining your light on your own merit.

As the moon starts getting dark and preparing for the new moon cycle, this is your opportunity to keep yourself accountable to your authenticity and integrity.

If that means tuning out the noise of experts and influencers who tell you how you’re supposed to make magic, do that…including me.