New Moon in Leo

orange tabby cat on brown parquet floor

Where people see confidence with Leo energy, I see pure creative expression. Where people see bravado with Leo energy, I see unrelenting desire to be unapologetic.

Where people see pride and ego with Leo energy, I see a fierce determination for self-determination.

There is always a flip side to any coin but it’s only when you put the coin into play that you can then claim one side over the other.

Are you in the arena or are you playing the role of armchair coach?

Are you invested in creating the world you want to live in or are you content to complain on the sidelines?

Creativity is fire. It’s rooted in the boldness of shining without permission. You are either the artist of your existence or the person admiring, with envy or resentment, from a distance.

Venus is stationed retrograde in this sign for this new moon which gives you a chance to slow the f*ck down and ask yourself if you are suffering from FOMO with your own life. Are you waking up everyday in your personal power?

Leo is ruled by the sun and you are either standing tall in your authority or you’re giving up your presence to allow others shine their light instead of yours.

Life is full of choices and the most impactful ones are difficult to make. Nothing about greatness comes easy, even if you see otherwise on social.

Whether you’re coveting the lifestyle of influencers or celebrities, social media is a curation tool designed for strategic storytelling because the game is the game.

New intentions don’t need to be grand gestures. They could be as simple as a nonverbal commitment to yourself to be more like the sun.

Do you dare to be the center of your universe or are you more content with hiding your light?

Creativity isn’t about coloring inside the lines. It’s about reimagining what it means to exist.

Within the concept of creativity is creation and you get to participate in this ritual on a daily basis.

Co-creating your life requires self-determination to engage all aspects of your being to whatever vision you decide is your goal.

Did you think being creative meant knowing what colors to wear?

We are all creating the reality we serve, even when that reality is not rooted in the collective consciousness.

Do you need to be delusional? Yea…maybe a little bit…maybe a lot.

How will you create the life you’ve always dreamed of if you don’t purposely imagine it first?

How will you visualize that imagination if you don’t tap into creative inspiration?

This transit is showing you that everything is interconnected. You are the sun. You are the common denominator in puzzle of your life. You don’t need to make this harder than it needs to be.

You just simply need to show up, as the fully expressed version of yourself, and shine your light while trusting that it is enough to power an entire universe.

That’s it.