Venus Retrograde in Leo

two lioness on green plants

There’s a vibe of shenanigans in the air. I’ll chat it up with you offline if you want to dish about it. I’m still on TwitterX so consider me tapped into gossip, drama, and news.

Pluto dropped into my first house earlier this year for a few months, dropped some grenades, and then retreated back into my 12th house.

During this existential unraveling, I am exploring different rabbit holes and learning how to adjust the way I think about everything.

Life challenges are opportunities to explore a new way to integrate what you’ve learned so that you can discard the things that no longer resonate with who you want to be.

Venus retrograde is a chance to reassess what you value so that you are prioritizing a strategy that aligns you with what you desire.

Venus retrograde in Leo is an invitation to recalibrate your creative vitality so that you are lighting the way for others to shine.

What’s interesting about all the celebrity shit that is getting brought to light is that we get to ask…how are these individuals embodying the leadership that comes with Leo energy?

How are these individuals creating an environment for others to flourish with the self-worth that comes with Venusian energy?

This week’s full moon helped us all to acknowledge the ways we contribute to the collective.

What exactly are you bringing to the table?

There is a sense of collective accountability that we need to atone as we continue to show up with the best of intentions. But are they really good intentions if they come from your ego? Are you here to create impact for others or just yourself?

There is no right or wrong answer to those questions.

The sooner you can be honest with yourself about why you have a brand + business in the first place, the better.