What is Your Framework?

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There’s Always a Method to the ✌🏼Madness.✌🏼

On a very basic level, a framework is defined as “a basic structure underlying a system, concept, or text.”

There is always a structure to what you do. Whether you enrolled in a certification program to inform how you deliver your services or whether you figured something out on your own – you have a “framework” – intentionally or not.

Anyone who’s worked with me knows that we are doing two things – working with spreadsheets and creating acronyms.

I’m methodical with how I think. Spreadsheets help us look at your vision, your brand, and your business model with ease. We get to see what goes where in terms of offerings, pricing, deliverables, content strategy, and even a potential launch schedule.

Spreadsheets help organize your creative genius.

That’s part of my “framework.”

The other is acronyms.

When you are a service provider (coach, consultant, bruja, etc) then creating a signature formula for how you deliver your magic is key to standing out…and acronyms help systematize your process.

Examples of acronyms include:

  • SMART goals
  • SOC-CAH-TOA (for my math nerds)
  • LOL
  • ASAP

Using acronyms to help organize your framework so it’s easier to remember and integrate.

A great framework acronym helps support your expertise so that your peeps can navigate their transformation process with ease and clarity.

It’s how I know that I am working with YOU.

Whether you call it a framework, formula, process, or system, be intentional with how to outline your phases so you can diversify how you monetize with programs, books, courses, memberships, and content strategy.

Working in modules of three (3) can help you simplify your framework that people are already familiar with such as pregnancy.

Working in modules of four (4) can help you organize your framework with seasons, such as winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Working in modules of five (5) can help give substance to a complex framework that requires more attention.

Working in modules of six (6) can help give you a robust foundation for online courses, programs, and mastermind groups.

Creating a framework is at the core of the work I do as a strategist.

When you’re ready to dig into this for your brand + business, let’s talk!