Starting a New Chapter – It’s OK to Walk Away

Silencio Silence pack

Sometimes It’s Best to Make Moves in Silence.

Not because of some mythical ✌🏼haters✌🏼 but because the only voice you need to listen to is your own.

I’ve been a WordPress chica since it’s inception and I am always hard pressed to leave ConvertKit because of how easy it is BUT Saturn is taking my brand and running a red pen through it, editing all the areas where I need better structure.

Truth is, I want to write. I want to record the podcast.

I want to do a lot of things that get pushed down the queue because I sabotage my growth by perseverating over details and options.

I remember working with a client in a session and they mentioned how they haven’t initiated because they got overwhelmed by options and I was secretly thinking…

You’ve heard of imposter syndrome and overwhelm but are you familiar with Analysis Paralysis?

This is when we get overloaded with information that we don’t take action due to all of the overthinking about the decision.

As a strategist, I pride myself in being well-versed on different platforms so I can recommend the right solutions and also support clients with configuring them.

The secret to my success is an overindulgence in rabbit holes. Show me a new website platform or plugin and my obsessive nature will take over. Before I’ve had a chance to blink, I’ve spent 72 hours “exploring” when really it’s just a way to justify my indecisiveness. And I’m also hella nosey.

I love learning new things but the flip side of that is a tendency to use make-believe scenarios as my metric for launching. Which is why I often find myself rebranding + relaunching something every other month.

Why am I ranting? Because I’m very confident that there are those who HIGHLY resonate with this.

We’re taught to be readily accessible online, participating in hustle culture and exploiting our magic for the sake of likes…with the hopes those clicks translate into sales.

For some it does. For many others it doesn’t.

y ahora que? (in case you need it –

The first thing I had to do was disengage from the chatter. I took two months to do that. Once I shut off the noise, I was able to hear my inner voice. This is also a great exercise to see how many of those online “friends” are legit friends.

What I discovered in my social sabbatical…

I want to embrace my creative expression but I am restricted by tech shit.

Great! So how do I get rid of the 24/7 tech support hat?

I can’t waste two weeks configuring a dope plugin that I’ll never use if I am on a platform that doesn’t “do” plugins.

Let’s modify this to you.

How many of you are sitting on programs, courses, books, decks, podcasts, newsletter, and a bunch of other dope shit that you are not bringing to life?

Is it because…

  • You don’t know what platform to use
  • You’re not sure if there’s a market for it
  • Others are doing something similar
  • You don’t have a budget or resources
  • You’re not clear about what to do

I don’t have a quick fix for you but I do have an overwhelmed mind full of information that can be accessed at any time. Someone once called me “Google” and I didn’t get it at the time.

I totally get it now.