Full Moon in Pisces

woman swimming under body of water

You always have a choice – to work WITH the energies or to work WITHOUT the energies.

This full moon acknowledgement in Pisces is a chance to confront the ways you try to play both sides.

Much like how the twins are representing Gemini, Pisces is also represented by two symbols: fishes swimming in opposite directions – both mutable and with the ability to shift on demand.

Where Gemini is air energy, encompassing intellect and mental thoughts – Pisces is water energy, fluid with so much emotional depth that you can easily drown in the illusion of your imagination if you’re not being careful.

This lunation is an opportunity to acknowledge how you are being ambiguous with your desires, intentions, and potential.

Your brand + business are also experiencing these transits right along with you and the collective.

Even if you have your shit together, there are very likely areas where you can make adjustments to improve your approach, voice, and/or engagement capacities.

  • Do you have potential to expand your audience?
  • Do you want to pivot into a new niche?
  • Do you need to take an indefinite hiatus?
  • Do you fear expanding how you serve others?

What areas of your brand, business, and life are you questioning yourself?

I remember a friend in college said…

“when you have to ask, you already know the answer.”

If you are the type to seek out external validation for your expertise, then you might be holding out for permission to make the moves that could bring you a new life.

What would your hustle look like if you leaned into magic?

Pisces is the daydreamer. It has its’ head in the clouds. It’s disassociating from reality into a world of unmeasurable potential. Pisces doesn’t conform to whatever everyone says you need to do. Pisces swims away to land of mermaids because the most illogical vision is the one they aim to manifest into reality.

It’s ok to be delusional.

It’s ok to be outlandishly whimsical.

It’s ok to be uncontainable.

The moon moves through phases and this Full Moon in Pisces is a moment of disconnection from what you think so that you can flow into what you feel.

Pisces energy is all about “why not?” when it comes to your untethered vision for the brand, business, and life you want.

Because we’re in full moon mode, you have to ask yourself: what new truths are you learning about your emotional state of being that could help create space for you to thrive with intention?

As of this writing, we are still deep in retrograde season so by all means don’t throw everything into storage and book that one-way ticket to Amsterdam…unless you want to!

This is not an invitation to uproot your life.

This is a moment to reassess how you feel about what you’re doing, reimagine a world where you can marry integrity with bankability, and recalibrate your body to kick it into high gear once the energies are backing your momentum up with forward moving motion, aka out of retrograde.

I’ve accepted my role as a quirky muse, one who shares random insights with the hopes that it resonates so you can pass the wisdom along to the next people who need to hear the message that you have to share.

What are you willing to accept about the growth and evolution of your brand?

We’re all interconnected which is a great way to look at the Pisces symbol.

On the surface the two fishes swimming in opposite directions can indicate a sense of fighting against one’s self or swimming without direction.

If you step back and see, the fishes are in a cyclical pattern, creating a motion where they are following each other and trusting in the journey.

Full moons are about that aha moment but sometimes those breakthroughs are internal lightbulbs that shine a spotlight on an idea, a feeling, or an intuitive hunch.

Gestures don’t always been to be grand and public for them to make an impact in the trajectory of your journey.

You just need to acknowledge those thoughts, embrace those moments, and remember that only you know what’s best for you.

Pisces is the fish.

You can decide if you want to be the guppy, a shark, a pissed off orca or a whimsical mermaid.