What I Learned About Letting Go

Today my hair taught me more about intuition than any book or plot twist ever did.

The day started like any other. I woke up later than I intended which was fine. I clocked my departure time and planned accordingly. Quick shower and quick breakfast meant more hair prep time.


I washed and conditioned my hair. Gave it some moose since my hair is fine and thin. Then off to the blow brush I went. I had exactly 12 minutes which was easy to do since it doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to do my hair when I want to go with a straight bob.

Some hair spray 9 minutes later and I was all dolled up.

I felt the resistance starting about 5 minutes into my walk towards the bus stop. I reminded myself of all the hair spray I put on and said a light meditation to the hair gods – “please don’t fuck up my good hair day.”

An hour and 10 minutes later I arrived in Port Authority, allowing the warm breeze to blow through my hair. It was so nice out that I simply ignored the increasing revolution going on above my neck.

When I looked in the mirror from my peripheral I saw a slight curl. As the day went by the curl became more prominent. Most of the straight ‘do had rebelled against me for I now have a curly lil bob that reminds me of the 60s. It was at this moment that I realized I needed to trust my hair to do its’ thing.


A funny word for a funny lady.

I gave my hair the permission it needed to be wild and nonconformist. That’s the energy I want to harness for myself so if I wasn’t giving my hair the freedom to be as such, how could I expect to channel that for myself?

When I let go I realized that I looked good. People were smiling at me. The curls gave me a pep in my step. I got the boost I didn’t know I needed until my cute and straight lil ‘do unraveled it’s perfection.

This quirky life lesson was not lost on me.

Allowing the best laid plains to unravel as it adapts to the current conditions (um hello humidity) is the key to going with the flow. My perfect lil turkey wrap had no croutons too but that’s OK.

I’m going to give in to this “letting go of perfection” thing.