Beautifully Broken Just Like a Kaleidoscope

I’m having a hard time which means a massive breakthrough is in the horizons. Like the kind where the angels come down from the clouds with the bells and trumpets.

I’ve been on this journey and the detours have been a bitch but I’m learning to embrace these bumps in the road as part of the road trip. They make the post-trip reflection that much more intriguing.

Kind of like…

“remember the time when I did naked Karaoke on a table at that bar in Alabama”

and we all laugh.

Only this time it would be more like…

“remember the time when I got hypomanic and couldn’t get through a day without wondering what life would be like if I just washed down a bottle of Tylenol with Vodka”

and only I would laugh.

No I didn’t get naked in Alabama.

I am a work in progress, in work and life. I’m on this major breakthrough with my business because I’m finally coming to terms with who I really am, or rather who I am finally choosing to be.

How you show up in life defines the experience and those experiences are what creates the journey. I’ve been keeping a journal lately and by keeping I mean ACTUALLY writing in it, not just letting it look pretty on my desk. I keep it by my bed now because it gives me the closure I need to feel like it’s OK to sleep.

Last night was the first time my writer’s block was lifted. It took all this time to give myself permission to express myself in an unapologetic fashion.

When it’s just about me, I can be free.

When it’s just about me, I can appreciate the imperfections.

When it’s just about me, I can listen to my intuition.

When it’s just about me, I can allow myself to just be.

When it’s just me, I can allow myself to be beautifully broken just like a kaleidoscope.