Taking Yet Another Leap of Faith

“Leap of faith.”

This term keeps showing up in my day-to-day. Whether it was conscious or not, the message of “going for it” keeps screaming at me.

8 months ago, my worlds (inner and outer) changed and during these past 8 months I’ve undergone some significant soul searching and mindset transformations.

You know that saying “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” This became the title of my life because life was happening around me and it was changing who I was on the inside.

I can even argue that I didn’t really change but rather I came into my authentic self. Either way, I’m not in a different galaxy, compared to where I was residing 8 months ago.

Lessons learned over the past few months…

When your body rejects the status quo, it’s time to change.

I consider myself to be a rather self-aware kind of chica. I’ve “done the work” with personal development and I’m conscious of how energies can affect your mood. I am also knowledgeable of how foods can alter your perception.

So when I started feeling like I was going 6 feet under, I made an impulsive decision to quit the not-so-stable-anyways agency “freelance” gig, pack up a ton of colorful shirts and curtail my ass to palm tree landia, aka Miami.

When the same people leave you feeling like shit, it’s time to sever ties.

I get it. Sometimes people change. We’ll drift apart and come back as if no time has passed. I cherish the few friends who continue to stick around. However there are those who I don’t want to stick around.

I finally gave “the Universe” it’s props for looking out and keeping my best interest top of mind. When someone leaves, it might be because they’re not meant to live in your future. And I FINALLY “got it.”

Guilt is an addictive drug.

The stories we tell about ourselves are laced with sheroes, sidekicks and villains. Guilt lets you assume the victim role and it allows you to own that role. I decided to turn the page and start a new story.

Sometimes it’s a plot twist and then sometimes it’s a completely new book. Letting go of guilt allowed me to shed the constant damsel in distress who doesn’t deserve happiness.

You are the common denominator.

When you look at the people around you and you’re feeling like a fish out of water, then it’s time to look at what needs to change. When you look at the experiences you’ve had and feel like you’re stuck, then it’s time to look at what needs to change.

YOU are the common denominator.

When everything seems to be chaotic, just remember that YOU are what they all have in common. So when you want something you’ve never had then YOU need to be the catalyst for manifesting it.

I’m not done. I still have a ton of lessons to learn and I’m open to being a student in this course called life.