Full Moon in Aquarius

two crane fighting while flying

I am hella biased because my Ascendant and Mars are in Aquarius so I’ve embraced my aloof persona and stand tall with my inner rebel.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign which can cause stagnant thinking. Imagine being so fixated in your righteousness that you completely shun opposing perspectives?

There are times where tunnel vision is called for and there are times where the expansion of what you think is possible requires a trip out of comfort zone-landia.

This full moon transit is an opportunity to confront the ways you intentionally get in your own way…and we all know where we are consciously engaged in self-sabotage.

Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus which can come with a dynamic approach to self-actualization.

When you embrace the structured discipline of Saturn with the innovative visionary of Uranus, you create opportunities to evolve your brand, business, and life.

But change doesn’t come with a phoenix uprising. You can’t embody a new form without shedding the one that no longer fits.

Fixed energy is immovable, by design.

I am not asking you to change your entire life in one day. I am asking you to remove the hurdles that you put in your path. Key lunar phases are not about blame or judgement. These reflections are for you to discard the ego and integrate truth so you are actively participating in the initiation of your growth.

If you ever find yourself getting defensive, ask the following Qs:

  • What beliefs am I defending?
  • What perspectives and I choosing to fight for?
  • What values am I being loyal to?

The sun and Venus are both in Leo, another fixed sign, which means this is a great time to realign your strategy with inspired action. Venusian energy is all about self-worth and Leo embodies your creative self.

Reflect on how you’ve been too intellectual with the expression of your authenticity because there is a need for you to lead with your unfiltered and uncontainable magic.

If you don’t organically have an aha moment, create it.

Because breakthroughs tend to happen when something is unsustainable and judging by how the collective is coping, your gifts are needed now more than ever.