First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

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Happy Virgo Retrograde!

It’s a late summer BOGO offer of Virgo season and Mercury Retrograde.

Let the overly critical rants and shenanigans commence!

I’m currently waiting for caffeine to jack up my central nervous system. While I know drinking too much caffeine is not bueno for me, old habits rooted in anxiety die hard.

In my mind, drinking this much caffeine with a protein bar while taking multi-vitamins, cancels out the neurotic mojo.

In my mind, it’s all good. 🥴

In my mind, a frazzled nervous system is the price to pay for productivity.

In my mind is the phrase to reflect on with this transit because Mercury is your intellect and Virgo is how you manage your well-being.

When I outlined the Holistic Brand Strategy Framework, the 6th house references wellness because your physical capabilities impact how effective you are with executing a strategy.

No matter where this transit may be affecting your chart, as we wind down into Fall season, it’s important to remember that the equinox is coming up and that signals a new chapter in the calendar year.

Equinoxes show when the day + night are both equal in length so think of this retrograde transit as preparation for an equalizing recalibration.

If we’re being honest, September is when I start preparing clients for the holiday season.

Have you been thinking about the shopping blitz of December?

This is a great time to start mentally preparing yourself for that pocket of bankable opportunity. Whether you’re selling programs, products, or virtual goods – September is the time to organize for the holiday strategy so you’re not scrambling at the last minute to make sales.

I have a few offerings that can help you get on track with developing and launching anything new you’d like to offer.​

On Thursday, August 24 the first quarter moon will be in Sagittarius which is a great time to cultivate your independence.

Moons are cyclical so you take the energy from the new moon in Leo last week and transform those intentions into inspired action with the first quarter moon.

Because it’ll be in Sagittarius, think expansive energy with a touch of adventure.

Sagittarius is mutable energy so you’re not tethered to any one idea for how you make moves with your brand + business. This makes even more sense when you remember that both Mercury and Venus are still stationed retrograde.

I’m the last person to come to when you want a reality check. If you tell me you want to build a time machine using airpods and edibles, I’ll champion your journey forever.

“Flights of fancy” is a Sagittarius vibe.

Don’t let “reality” restrict your imagination.

Use this retrograde transit to reimagine your potential, reassess your well-being, and recalibrate your creativity.

Don’t judge your ideas before they’ve had a chance to flourish.

Don’t give up on a vision before you’ve exhausted all possibilities.

Don’t ignore the signs that remind you to stay committed with your authenticity.