Spend 2-3 months organizing your body of work, developing the right offerings, and co-creating a blueprint to monetize your expertise.

Multi-Passionate Blueprint is for


Coaches, Thought Leaders, Creatives, and Healers

align their magic with profitability & make an impact.

You know what needs to be done, and yet you are not doing it.

Who you are IS your competitive edge and I’m here to help you get clarity, confidence, and courage to be creative and consistent with how you show up for your brand and business.

Everyone’s entrepreneurial journey is different. You can follow someone else’s path and hope you hit the jackpot or create a blueprint that factors in your strengths, desires, and personality.

If you invest energy, resources, and sweat equity into your brand and business, why not make it pop so that the most people who need your magic can find you?

Think about how much more impact you could have if you were to align a transformation process that supports your clients and highlights your strengths as a coach, consultant, educator, strategist, healer, speaker, activist, creative, performing artist, and thought leader?

In this program, we’ll organize your body of work, identify opportunities to monetize your expertise and create a strategy that you can scale with ease.


» Get clarity with how you want to harness your gifts
» Identify a hook to position yourself as an authority
» Diversify how you package & monetize your magic
» Hone a brand voice that engages the right audience
» Create a practical routine to align with your goals

Your Enrollment Includes:

Brand Intake Assessment
You will answer Qs about your brand, business, and vision so I can better understand how to support you while we work together.
Seven Consultation Sessions, via Zoom
We will meet for 75 minutes to organize your brand + business. Come prepared to take notes. Your sessions are recorded and the replays will be emailed to you.
Creative Writing Support
You will get hands-on storytelling recommendations and guidance as you create content for your website, email campaigns, and social media posts.
Unlimited Virtual Coaching via Voxxer
Reach out anytime you have Qs, want feedback, need recommendations, or are conflicted about a decision. I am available to you in between sessions.
Accountability Follow Up Session
We will reconnect three weeks after your last session to address any lingering Qs and track your progress. Use this session to get further clarity or recalibrate your efforts.
Instant Access to a Dedicated Portal
Login to a private area to schedule your sessions, complete your intake assessment, and download your materials: worksheets, audios, and videos.

What to Expect

Session One

Empowered Self-Mastery

This virtual session is 75 minutes and is recorded via Zoom.

The first step in creating a multi-passionate blueprint is to excite your curiosity.

Having multiple passions doesn’t mean you’re an unorganized hot mess, and if you are, so the f*ck what?!

What we will discuss during your session:

» Your body of work and expertise
» Identify your core values
» Discover the source of your passions

Session Two

Bespoke Audacity

This virtual session is 75 minutes and is recorded via Zoom.

The next step in creating a multi-passionate blueprint is to empower your clarity.

Being honest about what you want is the first step to realizing your potential. Taking inspired action on it is the next step.

What we will discuss during your session:

» Identify the source of your anchor
» Align your creative genius with purpose
» Create a brand dictionary for your copywriting

Session Three

Indispensable Presence

This virtual session is 75 minutes and is recorded via Zoom.

The next step in creating a multi-passionate blueprint is to elevate your confidence.

Who you are IS your competitive edge, and how you embody your strengths signals how you can impact the world.

What we will discuss during your session:

» Identify your archetypes
» Align your competitive edge
» Create your positioning strategy

Session Four

Bankable Secret Sauce

This virtual session is 75 minutes and is recorded via Zoom.

The next step in creating a multi-passionate blueprint is to embrace your courage.

You are one of a million, AND you are one in a million, which means you are dope as f*ck but hardly the only one who can do what you do.

What we will discuss during your session:

» Identify your business model
» Align your secret sauce formula
» Create and diversify your offerings

Session Five

Strategic Connections

This virtual session is 75 minutes and is recorded via Zoom.

The next step in creating a multi-passionate blueprint is to express your creativity.

Growth is all about transforming who you used to be and expressing who you’ve evolved into…and oh, the stories you will tell!

What we will discuss during your session:

» Identify your content strategy
» Hone your unique brand voice
» Organize your email sequences

Session Six

Sustainable Workflow

This virtual session is 75 minutes and is recorded via Zoom.

The next step in creating a multi-passionate blueprint is to evolve your consistency.

You did not come this far to only come this far, so let’s bring it all together and commit to the routines that support your growth.

What we will discuss during your session:

» Identify & organize your brand seasons
» Align your outreach efforts
» Create a big picture vision for 12 months

Session Seven

Intentional Scaling

This virtual session is 75 minutes and is recorded via Zoom.

The final step in creating a multi-passionate blueprint is to expand your capacity.

Consistency is a muscle that takes time to strengthen. Use this session to review your growth and tie up any loose ends that could sabotage your progress.

What we will discuss during your session:

» Identify immediate goals
» Manage your expectations
» Outline deliverables for the next 90 days

Session Eight

Accountability Check-In

This virtual session is 45 minutes and is recorded via Zoom.

Once you’ve created your blueprint, it’s time for you to work your magic. We’ll stay connected for one month so that you’re not completely alone as you initiate the next steps for your brand and business.

I am also available for unlimited coaching if you have additional Qs, want feedback, need recommendations, or are conflicted about a decision. 

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Payment Plan

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My name is Vicky, and I am a

Brand Strategist & Storyteller


I work with mission-driven brands, socially conscious businesses, and soulful entrepreneurs who want to organize their strategy, monetize their expertise, and diversify their offerings with self-publishing. I am also the creative genius behind the Sacred Journey Oracle Deck.

As a seasoned pro with over 15 years of experience in vocational counseling, web design, and online marketing, I leverage my expertise to support businesses and individuals with creating a holistic approach to building an intentional brand and business.

I’ve worked with major media and entertainment brands, including NBC Universal and Vme TV, startup initiatives including the Alley + Florida International University (FIU) Ratcliffe Startup Studio and NYC Department of Small Business Services: Catering Business Pathways, and women-led organizations such as the Latinista.

I also write the weekly newsletter #InboxConversations, where I share wisdom on navigating the emotional journey of self-mastery through the lens of entrepreneurship.

When I’m not imparting a snarky approach to life and business, you can find me searching for the perfect cup of chai latte, roller skating in a local park, or dreaming about the next road trip.

Where You May Have Seen Me

Where You May Have Seen Me
What Others Have To Say About Me…

Vicky Ayala’s extraordinary talent is her unique ability to breathe life into your brand. Her consulting is part branding strategy, part product development, and part confidence building — all wrapped up into one.

She’s a quick thinker, brilliant, and a great listener who can crawl inside your head to bring out your best ideas. She leverages her impressive body of work to transform your brand into a memorable and necessary entity in an ever-expanding world of distractions.

Angelica Perez-Litwin, Therapist & Founder of the Lumin Center and Latinas Think Big

Vicky is the first expert I trusted on my entrepreneurship journey because of her brand expertise and how she compassionately championed me to be true to myself throughout every stage of the journey. Now I call her Brand BAE (Before Anyone Else) because she is STILL the first expert I hire whenever I’m launching something new for my businesses.

Nothing tops how Vicky creates a safe space and listens to you as she intuitively holds your hand while sharing your ideas and challenges. Then she [magically] brings clarity and simplicity to your vision with her feedback and practical strategy.

Lisa Velazquez, Intuitive Love Coach, Community Builder, and Founder of Lisa Talks Love + Latina Entrepreneurs Inc.

Vicky’s branding expertise, industry knowledge and resourcefulness helped bring my consulting business to the next level. Her skill in being able to identify what’s relevant and needed in the market with my unique value proposition is extremely impressive.

Like many entrepreneurs and small business owners, I have a multi-faceted brand that can go in many directions but shouldn’t. Vicky helps me keep focused on the value I can and should be delivered to my audiences.

Yai Vargas, Diversity + Inclusion Expert, LinkedIn Ninja, and Founder of the Latinista

She is a brand genius. She organized all my random thoughts & content ideas and literally mapped it all out for me with files and dates. She took my ideas and transformed them into action.

Vicky was always there to guide me and just took all the stress away for me and truly made me feel that I was taking my business to the next level. She gave me the genius idea to focus on my expertise as a therapist and coach specializing in helping women break free from love addiction. She saw that clearly, and that has drastically altered my business. I now own being a love addiction expert, thanks to Vicky’s brand eye.

I highly recommend Vicky and know, without a shadow of a doubt, that she will be an amazing investment in your business as you take it to the next level.

Christine Gutierrez, Therapist, Author, and Founder of The Diosahood

For the better part of 7 years, I had two blogs, one culinary/travel and one fashion/lifestyle, which meant I had two voices, two audiences and two calendars to maintain. It was a lot and very overwhelming.

Vicky strategically (with measurable results) convinced me to merge and consolidate my brands into what is now House of Bren, where I seamlessly house all of my passions. She saved me long-term headaches and natural anxieties by being an uber-creative with many artistic arms to share. Now, everything is extremely manageable under one big lifestyle umbrella that invites everyone.

To that point, Vicky helped me understand and see the value of very clear brand distinction and voice.

Bren Herrera, Author, Chef, and Lifestyle Expert at House of Bren

I am a marketing professional and had worked to launch/reposition many brands for Fortune 100 companies. But this was highly personal: the new websites had to reflect my personality as well as new goals for each. This didn’t just entail the name change. It included content development to messaging and user engagement.

Vicky is a brilliant brand strategist and experienced online marketer. Her strategic approach produced a solid new brand strategy: site structure and design/look and feel targeted new content, and digital marketing strategies for the new brands. Her months of work on behalf of my brand truly exceeded my expectations.

Needless to say, I highly recommend Vicky. She’s a pro, and the quality of her work is the best I’ve seen in the interactive space.

Rosa Alonso, Tech Expert, Television Personality, and Media Entrepreneur at Rosa Alonso Digital