Sometimes Music is My Own Therapy

Every summer I get obsessive with music. Well it’s not just the summer. I have a low key passion for music but not in the way of “oh this sounds great.” More in the sense of how music helps me capture a moment in time.

My Spotify playlist is private because it’s my one little space where I can just indulge in what makes me happy, without criticism or judgement.

Whenever I’m coding I loop the same few songs for hours. Sometimes it’s just one song. Imagine listening to one song endlessly for 14 hours?

There’s something about the repetition that brings me comfort and allows me to focus on what I’m doing.

I’ll create custom playlists for each client, each website, each tasks that requires more than an hour on the laptop.

Maybe I’m just weird but I don’t care. The truth is when I play a song months or even years later, it puts me right back in that time. This is about as close to time traveling as I’m ever going to get!

I love…

the innocent doo-wop era,

the carefree disco era,

the passionate r/b of the 80s,

the impressionable pop hits of 90s

and the classic hip hop of early 2000s. Let’s be real, it all went downhill after 2006.

I find a few songs that give me summer memories because during the warm months of the year I am at my best for mental wellness, usually.

So whenever I need a pick me up I just play some of the songs that I associate with summer and it takes me back to feeling carefree.

I’m getting myself mentally and emotionally ready for the fall, which if I’m being totally honest, is my most favorite season of the year and yes I have songs associated exclusively for the fall season.

For now, indulge in a few songs that have gotten me through the chaos of the past few summers.