Welcoming the Summer Solstice

black Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses on beach sand

The new moon in Gemini weekend was as wonky as I’ve ever experienced. One day I’ll share the “Alice in Wonderland” adventures.

I was explaining the summer solstice to my inquisitive nephew who’s got the witchy vibes. Talking about how we are leading up to the longest day reminded me that the days “technically” get shorter after this week.

It makes me wonder if this is why we celebrate summer. Because on a subconscious level, we are recognizing the small pocket of high vitality energy that comes with the trifecta of Cancer, Leo, and Virgo seasons.

Summer strategy is something I always work with in March. By the time we get to the summer months, vacations are scheduled, brunches are planned, and Zooms are ignored.

People disappear during the summer. It’s tempting to ditch the free webinar because it’s 85 and that cute sun hat won’t drive itself to the beach.

This is the season where we get to finally chillax and having a strategy that works with this vibe helps keep you consistent with the seasons and accommodating for the overall energy.

1 – Support Your Laptop Lifestyle Hustle.

What do you need to work from anywhere?

Device chargers, a cute water bottle that retains the cold, personal utensils for lunch, bento boxes to carry snacks, a stylish bag to carry it all without straining your back, and a portable USB fan?

Create a “go bag” for your on-the-go hustle and make sure you’ve got what you need to feel like you’re going to make use of the time you spend working without the comforts of the home office or co-working space.

Even if you just go to the local park, being able to work your mojo from anywhere frees you up to experience summer without the restrictions of a cubicle, enclosed office, or solitude of an empty co-working space.

If you can go out, find a spot that aligns with your personality and accommodates your health considerations (masks, et al).

2 – Batch Batch Batch.

I cannot stress this enough and I say this as someone who STILL needs to do her own batching, but your content is only as consistent as your commitment to write it all.

Three months is either 12 weeks or 90 days. Use these numbers as a metric for your strategy.

  • Do you need to batch 12 newsletters?
  • Are you pre-scheduling 90 social media posts?

Batching your content frees up your mental energy and anxiety around not having a consistent engagement with your expertise. What’s a day of writing when it can give you a full season of content?

3 – Simplify Your Workflow.

It shouldn’t take summer to clean up your backend + systems but this is a great time to reassess what’s working and what can go.

How many platforms are you using to manage your online presence?

Are you using a combination of Squarespace, WordPress, Kajabi, Teachable, Thinkific, Mailchimp, Flodesk, ConvertKit, Substack, Ghost, Patreon, Memberspace, Etsy, Shopify, etc?

What if you could consolidate + simplify so you were only on ONE platform and managing your delivery without the hassle of wondering “What goes where?”

My entire brand right now is Podia + Substack. That’s it. No Zapier integrations are needed. No double-checking tags to make sure different platforms are synced up.

Keep it simple. Less fussing = more ease.

4 – Take the “Break Free From Hustle Overwhelm” Challenge

This was created to help you detox from all of the stress that comes with not having a cohesive strategy and being disconnected from your authenticity.

The 5-day challenge comes with worksheets that you can do from the park after listening to a quick audio note.

Astrologically speaking, the summer season is cardinal (Cancer) then fire (Leo), and then practical (Virgo) so use this as an opportunity to lead yourself with sustainable habits that support your vision.