First Quarter Moon in Libra

Today I am Grateful book

This lunar phase is auspicious. It’s a waxing moon in Libra, where the south node just moved into, ruled by Venus who is in her retrograde bubble for the next few weeks.

Appreciation is like gratitude. It’s a chance to honor who you are, what you have, and how you are abundant.

Even when you are optimistic about your hustle and potential, when you are having a challenging day, the emotions that come with your struggles can serve as fog for the lens that you use to see your world.

The first quarter moon is about taking action and transforming your emotions into something you can work with in tangible form.

Libra is the energy that reminds you to embrace harmony, equality, and peace.

Whatever your intentions were for the previous new moon, this is your green light to initiate with compassion.

If you’re not careful, grind culture will force you to compromise wellness for the illusion of success.

Like the mischievous cartoon character, it will continue to move the goal post beyond what you have capacity for.

You always have a choice – to integrate ease or sacrifice your well-being for a tradeoff that may or may not come.

Use this time to create peace of mind.

Libra is the cardinal energy you need to move forward as long as you honor the duality of your embodied self.

Creating balance is about standing still and giving both sides of your worlds time to align themselves into stillness because it is the calmness of radical acceptance that brings you closer to the mental freedom that engages a hustle with integrity.