Sacred Journey Oracle Deck
Be on Purpose. Embrace Your Authentic Self.
This deck opened up the floodgates of passion + purpose and became the catalyst for my own personal brand awakening.

Conceived while I was agonizing in a cubicle, the SACRED JOURNEY ORACLE DECK gave me clarity and focus with an intuitive spin.

The idea came to me in January 2016, I designed the deck during my Spring sabbatical in Miami, and I launched the deck in late May of the same year. I don’t believe in coincidences and I recognize that this deck was created with a purpose, which was why it seamlessly came to life.

The SACRED JOURNEY ORACLE DECK is comprised of 50 cards with handpicked mandalas, paired with a word and guided intention for you to reflect, journal and meditate.

Also, in lieu of a guidebook, you will receive a PDF with writing prompts and a blurb to help provide guidance with each card.

*FYI, a few cards contain R-rated language. Be forewarned if you have children that you want to share the deck with or if you’re easily offended by words.

Pearls for clutching are not included.

Card dimensions:

  • Full color on 330gsm smooth quality card stock with a glossy finish
  • 70mm x 121mm, 2.75in x 4.75in
  • Shrink-wrapped inside a tuck box
Preview sample cards from the deck
Use this deck to reflect on your brand, business, and life.

I’ve been in this hustle since 2003 and since then my brand & business as evolved. The SACRED JOURNEY ORACLE DECK helped me recover from being a Type A perfectionist to being a creative entrepreneur who runs this ship on her own terms and at her own pace.

Regardless of where you’re at with your brand & business, I’m confident this deck can help shed some light with your personal brand awakening as well as provide guidance as you continue to navigate the entrepreneurial journey.

Use the SACRED JOURNEY ORACLE DECK by your lonesome or get your tribe together and leverage this oracle deck with your coven of hustlers, brujas, and entrepreneurs.

Read through the purchasing notes before buying your Deck.

The SACRED JOURNEY ORACLE DECK is self-published. I use a printer overseas and as such, it takes a while for orders to get fulfilled.

**Because all of the decks are print on demand, orders are filled once a week, every Sunday night, no later than 11pm EST.**

After I fulfill your order, I will send you a note when you can anticipate delivery. As soon as I have a tracking number I will also email that to you so you can gleefully track your deck as it travels the globe all the way to your mailbox.

Coming soon will be the SACRED JOURNEY INSIDERS, an exclusive portal where you can get additional tools and resources on working with your deck.


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Coach Danielle

I absolutely love the look and feel physically and energetically of this deck. Simple yet vast, with messages! Something about one words that trigger your intuition.

The guidebook is well made, with straight to the point descriptions and journal prompts/questions that will help you get your creative solution juices flowing! A neat little surprise is that you can color the mandalas anyway you want inside the guidebook…cute meditative exercise if you are into coloring!

Got a chance to use this in a reading for myself and one of my close friends and I have to say not only does it mesh well with my energies but also plays nicely with other decks!

I highly recommend to have in your collection and to work with especially when it comes to figuring out your life purpose in regards to spiritual purposes or vocation!

Marlowe Aster

Oh my! What a great find! I was searching the internet high and low for an oracle deck for business, when I discovered Vicky’s creation. They arrived in Australia in due course, and they are beautiful both visually and tactilely.

I shared some images on a Facebook group post for business women, and half the women wanted to know where I got them from. I almost didn’t want to share, but no, Vicky’s cards need to go out into the world so their good work can be implemented.

They are certainly a divinely inspired guidance tool for women who feel called to make a difference in the world.


It is surprising that this deck does not have more reviews…absolutely love the look and feel physically and energetically of this deck the quality is excellent as the cards are classy. Simple words that trigger my intuition and with the mandalas it feels very healing as that is its purpose.

Came quickly and packaged nicely!! You may want to note that I do feel that the “Mandalas” of the cards are Sacred however there is ONE card that has the F word which could have been phrased as just said “Never apologize for who you are instead of ..Don’t ever f*cking apologize for who you are” that makes it not so “Sacred” but it is only one card deriving its power from a combination of the sacred, holy, and the profane.

Ancalinar Aurigae

Paper and print quality is beautiful — the weight feels right, the texture feels right, etc. The physical experience of interacting with this deck is just pure fun! Each mandala is different and relates with the concept it’s illustrating.

Great attention to detail for the cards and in the booklet itself, which provides several different spreads to play with, and thorough descriptions for each card.

Rezianne Ramirez

They are absolutely gorgeous! I pick one card a day to meditate with and the messages are strong & encouraging.

Thank you!

Angela Ekvall

I ordered these on a whim and it turned out to be a beautiful surprise from the Universe I just what I needed right now.

Thank you for this beautiful creation.

Lisa Murray

Beautiful imagery. Thank you for your magic.

Devin Strickler

Absolutely love this deck. Great purchase! Goes amazing with my I Am Power Deck!

Thank you so much for a great deck and fast shipping!!!