I empower you to articulate your expertise & command a presence that is relative to your core mission.

You want to be yourself but you second guess if yourself sells online.

You don’t want to do anything that isn’t in alignment with your strengths but you also have to keep up with shifting algorithms, the growing and unethical use of invasive AI, misinformation overwhelming digital consumers, while also performing for strangers in the hopes they like you enough to buy what you’re selling.


What if you could express a story that aligns with your business strategy?

Passion, purpose, and integrity don’t have to be mutually exclusive. They can converge into one cohesive voice.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

Getting a perspective from someone outside of your bubble gives you insight to make your moves with intention and purpose.

Together we position your authority using a five-part

Multi-Passionate Framework


Review your body of work and expertise


Identify your bankable competitive edge


Enhance and develop your offerings


Practice your writing and storytelling skills


Outline a sustainable strategy

There is enough room for all of us to shine & thrive.

The idea that you need to be the only one doing what you do is a faked scarcity designed to keep you in competition mode.

Whether you want to unravel your limiting beliefs, decolonize how you hustle, or break free from overwhelm – all points start and end with the stories you tell…to yourself and others.

Isn’t it time to unpack the ways your mindset is *not so secretly* sabotaging your potential?
Included with your

Holistic Brand Breakthrough


Onboarding con Café

During this informal call, we will dish about why you’re here and outline your expectations so we are on the same page about goals, deliverables, session details, and how we will work together.


Preparation Materials

Once you enroll, I share deets about your enrollment including calendar access and intake assessment. You will also receive materials to help you prepare including printable worksheets.


Email Coaching

Receive unlimited virtual support, for two weeks after your session. Use this time to ask for create writing suggestions, request a review of what you’re working on, and any general Qs.

Session Options

Select the session that aligns with what you want and need right now.


75-min intuitive coaching session to realign your hustle using cosmic insights.

During this session, we will review your potential and craft a short-term strategy that leverages your personality so you can leave a lasting impression with the people who need you to show up with integrity.


90-min content strategy session to articulate an expertise that resonates with your audience.

During this session, we will dig into your body of work and extract the gems that help you convey authority and relevance so you can articulate your expertise without fearing imposter syndrome.


2-hr strategy session to develop a framework that positions your authority.

During this session, we will co-create your framework and align your methodology with a signature formula so you can position your thought leadership and diversify your business model.

All sessions are done using Google Meet.

Be open to your session extending beyond your allocated time, should you require additional support.


On-Demand Library

You will receive access to the on-demand library with digital books and virtual courses. These materials were created to help support your workflow and provide additional guidance with how you show up to shine online.


Pop-Up Calls

Get live support with 10-minute calls for pressing issues that need immediate attention. These calls are available for two weeks after your last breakthrough session and are not recorded. Be mindful of how you use these calls.


Integration Check-In

We will reconnect, two weeks after your last session, to check-in with your progress and assess how you are doing with your brand + business. Leverage this call to get additional support with your strategy and/or pivot if something is not working.

Frequently Asked Q’s

Real talk…managing a brand + business with integrity takes a lot. You have to first decide that you want to pursue entrepreneurship, feel audacious enough to do it your way, and confident enough to believe you have what it takes.

So ask what part feels overwhelming: the strategy and cultivation work itself or is it more about overcoming the feeling that you can’t do it?

I manage your session to factor in the feelings of overwhelm so that you get both the blueprint to develop with ease AND permission to step into your potential.

Unless you’re asking me to do a collab with you on OnlyFans, no.

I help you better understand your potential, gain clarity to build confidence and courage, and organize your magic so you can make $$$ on your own.

I don’t have a cookie-cutter formula for you to use. I don’t teach manipulative sales strategies such as manufacturing fake scarcity, FOMO, or comparison analysis.

While I won’t challenge their effectiveness because they do work, it’s not in alignment with my values so I don’t teach them.

If you are only looking to make money with your brand, then I may not be the best person for you.

This session is for those who value aligning with integrity and those sales strategy are intertwined with capitalism and WS which is not how I want to roll.

I will say this…in my experience and professional observation, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to break through all the noise online.

Between AI, impersonators, shifty social media platforms, and consumer fatigue – it’s that much more important to cultivate a brand that is relevant to your unique blend of skills and talents.

This is not my first rodeo. I didn’t jump into this hustle because of the pandemic. I’ve been on the entrepreneurial journey since 2003. I’ve seen a lot and am well versed in how trends can torpedo the best organized cliche strategies.

Those who don’t have the mental stamina to go the distance tend to bail once the hustle becomes challenging.

While I don’t advocate that you keep doing shit that doesn’t work, if you are just doing what everyone else is doing and still not seeing the results you feel entitled to, there might be a reason for that.


If you want development services, inquire with me to see if I have availability. 

Design and development services are out of the scope of these sessions and would require a conversation about timeline, deliverables, and final product specifications.

If this is something you are interested in, I am skilled in using the following platforms:

Kajabi, Thinkific, Teachable, Podia, Ontraport, WooCommerce, and WordPress.

I can also offer custom design for your book and deck.

At this time, I do not offer any kind of designs for social media promos, lead magnets, or printed assets such as business cards, stationary, or postcards.

If you are interested in ongoing support, you can enroll in weekly accountability coaching.

Investment in private coaching is $1,875 or three monthly payments of $675.

At this time, I have limited openings for coaching clients and will only take on those who have invested in a breakthrough session first. Ask me about this after your session to make sure I am someone you want to continue working with.


Let’s hop on a quick call to discuss if this program is right for you.

Ready to get started?

Holistic Brand Breakthrough Enrollment Includes:

Onboarding Call, Unlimited Email Coaching, On-Demand Books & Courses, Pop-Up Calls, and Integration Check-In


75-min intuitive coaching session to realign your hustle using cosmic insights.




90-min content strategy session to articulate an expertise that resonates with your audience.




2-hr strategy session to develop a framework that positions your authority.



You must complete your sessions within three months of enrollment.

Sessions are done on Saturdays from 11am – 6pm. 

If these times don’t work for you, contact me before enrolling to make sure we can work something out.

You accept full responsibility for the actions that they take and, as such, do not hold Vicky Ayala liable for the consequences of your actions.

HOLISTIC BRAND BREAKTHROUGH SESSIONS are not to be considered legal or financial guidance or advice, nor are they meant to replace therapy. You are responsible for speaking with a licensed professional to discuss your legal liabilities.

All sales are final. Enroll intentionally. 


Hola, my name is Vicky and I help multi-passionate peeps organize their body of work and leverage storytelling to position their authority.

As a seasoned pro with over 20 years of experience in vocational counseling, web design, and online marketing, I leverage my expertise to support businesses and individuals by creating a holistic approach to building an intentional brand and business.

I’ve worked with major media and entertainment brands including NBC Universal and Vme TV, startup initiatives including the Alley + Florida International University (FIU) Ratcliffe Startup Studio and NYC Department of Small Business Services: Catering Business Pathways, and women-led organizations such as the Latinista.

Where You've Seen Me

What others have to say about working with me

Vicky Ayala’s extraordinary talent lies in her unique ability to breathe life into your brand. Her consulting is part branding strategy, part product development, and part confidence building — all wrapped up into one.

She’s a quick thinker, brilliant, and a great listener who can crawl inside your head to bring out your best ideas. She leverages her impressive body of work to transform your brand into a memorable and necessary entity in an ever-expanding world of distractions.

Angelica Perez-Litwin, Therapist & Founder of the Lumin Center and Latinas Think Big

Vicky’s branding expertise, industry knowledge and resourcefulness helped bring my consulting business to the next level. Her skill in being able to identify what’s relevant and needed in the market with my unique value proposition is extremely impressive.

Like many entrepreneurs and small business owners, I have a multi-faceted brand that can go in many directions but shouldn’t. Vicky helps me keep focused on the value I can and should be delivered to my audiences.

Yai Vargas, Diversity + Inclusion Expert, LinkedIn Ninja, and Founder of the Latinista

Vicky is the first expert I trusted on my entrepreneurship journey because of her brand expertise and how she compassionately championed me to be true to myself throughout every stage of the journey. Now I call her Brand BAE (Before Anyone Else) because she is STILL the first expert I hire whenever I’m launching something new for my businesses.

Nothing tops how Vicky creates a safe space and listens to you as she intuitively holds your hand while sharing your ideas and challenges. Then she [magically] brings clarity and simplicity to your vision with her feedback and practical strategy.

Lisa Velazquez, Intuitive Love Coach, Community Builder, and Founder of Lisa Talks Love + Latina Entrepreneurs Inc.

She is a brand genius. She organized all my random thoughts & content ideas and literally mapped it all out for me with files and dates. She took my ideas and transformed them into action.

Vicky was always there to guide me and just took all the stress away for me and truly made me feel that I was taking my business to the next level. She gave me the genius idea to focus on my expertise as a therapist and coach specializing in helping women break free from love addiction. She saw that clearly, and that has drastically altered my business. I now own being a love addiction expert, thanks to Vicky’s brand eye.

I highly recommend Vicky and know, without a shadow of a doubt, that she will be an amazing investment in your business as you take it to the next level.

Christine Gutierrez, Therapist, Author, and Founder of The Diosahood

For the better part of 7 years, I had two blogs, one culinary/travel and one fashion/lifestyle, which meant I had two voices, two audiences and two calendars to maintain. It was a lot and very overwhelming.

Vicky strategically (with measurable results) convinced me to merge and consolidate my brands into what is now House of Bren, where I seamlessly house all of my passions. She saved me long-term headaches and natural anxieties by being an uber-creative with many artistic arms to share. Now, everything is extremely manageable under one big lifestyle umbrella that invites everyone.

To that point, Vicky helped me understand and see the value of very clear brand distinction and voice.

Bren Herrera, Author, Chef, and Lifestyle Expert at House of Bren

I am a marketing professional and had worked to launch/reposition many brands for Fortune 100 companies. But this was highly personal: the new websites had to reflect my personality as well as new goals for each. This didn’t just entail the name change. It included content development to messaging and user engagement.

Vicky is a brilliant brand strategist and experienced online marketer. Her strategic approach produced a solid new brand strategy: site structure and design/look and feel targeted new content, and digital marketing strategies for the new brands. Her months of work on behalf of my brand truly exceeded my expectations.

Needless to say, I highly recommend Vicky. She’s a pro, and the quality of her work is the best I’ve seen in the interactive space.

Rosa Alonso, Tech Expert, Television Personality, and Media Entrepreneur at Rosa Alonso Digital