Day 17

Silence is golden, or so they say. Maybe it was said for the moments when the best thing to say is nothing all. Words complicate even the simplest moment.

And sometimes during a journey, there’s just cause for moments of silence. Moments where the only words needed are the ones left unsaid.

Maybe this is me coping out. Finding a loop hole to avoid writing today’s entry.

I could talk about how my neurotic mind almost killed me.

How I spent most of the day running on empty and pushed myself to the brink of some kind of shock attack.

Who can survive on chai tea and nuts for 10 hours?

Maybe if I were 8 and from a 3rd world country. But I’m not. And on this day, the only words I want to say are the ones that I can’t think of.

So for now, I’ll say nothing at all.