Grieving What Never Was

I’ve been coming to terms with a lot of things. What they don’t tell you about breakthroughs is that these truths were always there. It almost feels like a spiritual intervention where…

happy birthday card

Birthday Lessons

Solar returns are fun. We get to reminisce on the last 365 days, 12 months, and 52 weeks. They are especially fun when you find yourself stuck in the same place. Yay. 🥹…

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Leveraging Storytelling To Mask My Emotions

I have to be mindful of the words I choose to describe my journey. Lately I feel like I’ve been wrestling with intruding thoughts but I also don’t want to feel like…

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Creating Acronyms To Process Life

I look for acronyms with everything. I incorporate them into my work because as a strategist it helps position my expertise. But also, acronyms are a core value for me in some…

Longer Than Expected

I am trying to remember what kind of headspace I was in when I first thought of this phrase. I was probably with a client who was talking about how their milestones…

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Wondering If It’s All Been An Illusion

Fair warning, Pisces season is on the horizon and while I haven’t gotten *emo* in years, this is my element, and reflecting on weird shit is my jam. content warning (cw): mention…

Old Habits Die Hard

I recorded my first introduction episode of the podcast and wanted to crawl into a hole and disassociate. I rewrote the script a bunch of times, using the excuse that it wasn’t…

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Growth Doesn’t Appear Overnight

It often feels like progress happens quickly when in reality change happens over time when you’re not looking. One of the challenges I deal with is looking in the mirror which is…

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Evolving Your Namesake

I fell off for a bit. I got caught up in the perfectionist loop and thought I needed to be “smarter” about how to upkeep these musings. I waited until my site…

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Is My *X* Factor Enough

Here’s the thing…we know when we are in alignment, and we know when we are not. Confusion is a way to deflect responsibility for taking ownership of the brand, business, and life…

Why Do I Have To Wait?

I am losing patience and wondering if I’ve allowed too much time to pass me by.

Maybe You’re Shy Like Me

And waiting for me to magically show up in the right place and at the right time.

Running Late Triggers Me

Maybe that’s why I resonate so much with Alice in Wonderland.

Act With Integrity

Or simply live in alignment with your values.

Shedding My Identity

Letting go of who I thought I needed to be.


Of all my identities, “addict” is the one I hide.