Carry-all pouch

perfect for storing crystals, pens, and postcards for marketing your goods.

Throw Pillow

perfect for that nook in your sofa, 4pm naps, and meditating on last night’s weird AF dream.


perfect for writing your new moon intentions and scribbling emo poetry at 3am.

Tote bag

perfect for shopping at Trader Joe’s and Sunday trips to the local bookstore.

Wall Clock

perfect for reminding yourself that you spend too much time on the computer.


perfect for those lazy weekends when all you want to do is binge watch GoT.


perfect for the 3rd cup of chai tea latte with extra cinnamon and nutmeg.

Wall Tapestry

perfect as a backdrop that gives your Youtube videos a little bit of personality.

Travel Mug

perfect for when you’re running late for that client session in the city.

Laptop Sleeve

perfect for giving your laptop a stylish look when working at the WiFi cafe.

iPhone Skin

perfect for when you want to spend the next 3 hours on Instagram & Snapchat.

Floor Pillow

perfect for when you need to meditate and bring love and light into your chaotic life.