My name is Vicky and I am your

creative brand strategist and visual storyteller

I use storytelling as a vehicle for empowering multi-passionate women because who you are IS your competitive edge and I use my creativity magic wand to help unleash your unapologetic personal brand.

I show you how to identify your unique brand voice, leverage your passions, and harness your bankable skills into a sustainable online business. Together we’re like Thelma and Louise, driving off that cliff with a killer car and fly shades.

When I’m not working you can find me musing about life, complete with snarky commentary.

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my personal brand archetypes are…
Creative Entrepreneur. Renaissance Soul. Empire Architect. Savvy Coach.

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Over the years, I’ve created signature products that help identify your unique brand voice, harness your competitive edge, and maneuver through the whole “passion as a business” thing without going batsh*t crazy.

Personal Brand Archetypes
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Sacred Journey
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Your personal brand is a fusion of your
Talents, Passions, and Bankable Skills.

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