I never say quit. To say it would be admitting defeat and silence is golden. It’s much easier to just stop and convince myself I’ll start again, even if I know I’m lying to myself.

Over time I can pride myself on the fact that I never “quit” even though my actions can testify the opposite.

I’ve lost momentum and I’m not even apologetic. I could wave a white flag and come back to this quest at another time or I can continue to fool myself into thinking that the car is still moving on the road.

Blinking my eyes incessantly does make the wheels turn.

Authenticity means a lot to me so for the sake of being true to my journey, I’ll hang my hat early on this one, knowing very well that this is just a quickly written chapter, maybe even just a first draft.

By no means is it intended to be the published version of my book.

….back to the drawing board.