Milestones and Memories for 2015

There’s something to this whole “new year, new start” thing but I’m still working on figuring it out. It’s been several months since I graced the interwebs with my musings and as I survive another Mercury Retrograde cycle, I can’t help but wonder about the ties that bind my voice. Talking is easy because it’s…


Being an Emotional Entrepreneur

“Some days are better than others.” This is the mantra I have fixated in my mind. When I tell myself that every day is different, it’s not to sound cliche. It’s not to trick myself into accepting my mood swings. It’s to remind myself that I am an emotional person. Gone are the days when…

Walking Away from Being the Web Designer Persona

Why I’m Walking Away from Web Design

I can’t recall the first time I did my first “design” piece. It might have been a cheesy school flyer in college. I’ve been a designer of sorts for almost 20 years, either as a hobby or as a pro. I do remember the first time I got a computer and went to town with…