Twelve Week Planner

Whether it’s one month, twelve weeks, or six months – this planner was created to help you set those ambitious entrepreneurial goals.

The HOLISTIC BRAND STRATEGY PLANNER was created to help you stay on track with your big picture vision. This planner is designed to help you track how you’re spending your time so that you don’t go down too many rabbit holes.

The purpose here is to get you consistent so you can shine with your brand and monetize your business.

Outline Your Big Picture Vision

» Identify your brand season
» Reverse engineer your milestones
» Integrate your strategy with monthly projections
» Draft your email marketing campaigns
» Identify content strategy goals
» Create engagement consistency

Use this planner by your lonesome or get a bunch of your entrepreneurial squad together and leverage this planner for your circle.

Spend a weekend putting together your game plan and use this book to help you stay focused and on track with the details of your hustle.

The HOLISTIC BRAND STRATEGY PLANNER helps you keep it simple, creative, and intentional so that you can identify what works for you.

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Holistic Brand Strategy Planner
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