Audit Your Brand Presence

I treat a website like someone’s digital casa and just like your home, there’s clutter that can mess up with your flow. If you’ve ever lived with someone who’s a hoarder, then…

Personal Productivity Hacks

I’d love to say I’m on-the-go because I’m so busy doing what I love but in reality, a lot of the productivity hacks I’ve learned are due to me not wanting to put in all the work. I mean, let’s be real, you’re reading this looking to minimize how much effort you need to exert into your brand + business too, amirite?!

Creative Places To Work

I remember working out of a car for a few months. Not consecutively but every few weeks while I accompanied my sister to her doctor appointments. If you’re not familiar with midtown…

How To Effectively Batch

How you do one thing is how you do everything, right? What is batching? Imagine spending an hour creating 20 graphics or imagine spending a weekend to write 12 articles. That’s batching.…

The Importance of Knowing Your Work Flow Style

We are our worst critics, and that’s saying a lot given how many trolls peruse our social media profiles on a daily basis.

We look at what we don’t do and hold those imperfections up to an unrealistic standard because someone said “X” and we assume “X” is supposed to work for us too.

What is Your Signature Hook?

I’m no stranger to Starbucks. I feel like it’s my unofficial office. I go to the one in Cranford, NJ pretty regularly that they all know me by my first name and…