I Used To Be The Person That Now Annoys Me On Facebook

A tiger can’t change it’s stripes but I can.

There was some BS comment left in a thread as part of a group I am active on in Facebook. This pretentious lady used her own bias to pass judgement on a pop culture situation.

We’d been talking about it and like most conversations, the dead horse was not dead enough that we had to keep beating it senselessly.

I broke my mantra and conscious efforts to be more mindful with my intentions. Yet there I was, at 1 in the morning, subconsciously looking for a fight and I fed the troll.

I woke up today, and when I say “woke up” I am being very generous since I don’t recall actually sleeping. Nonetheless, there I am in bed with my iPad looking to see what her response was.

More bourgeois pretentious banter, at which I proceeded to just simply ignore. I went upstairs to make some lunch and it was the AHA moment in the kitchen that made me realize how far I’ve come.

I used to be that annoying snob who also looked down on others without any college education.

I used to be that insecure professional complaining how unqualified people are taking jobs away from those who worked their way up.

I used to be that close minded person resistance to change and fighting the evolution that comes with disruption.

I used to be that lady but I am not anymore. I’m actually the opposite.

This Mercury Retrograde has me going into my identity archive, looking back at who I used to be so that I can appreciate who I’ve become. Therapy has also helped with that.

I am not a tiger so I have to stop assuming that my stripes are forever lasting. As I shed the skin that embraced perfectionism I nurture the skin that values wholeness instead.

With this shift I’m learning to let go of all the ugly perspectives that kept me from understanding one core element of my personal brand and mantra – define yourself for yourself.

I think that might be part of a popular quote. 

Whoever said it first was on point. This is why my life is by design and this is why I will be purging a bunch of people on Facebook this weekend.

I am unapologetic about choosing my circle because some bridges need to be burn so that people don’t keep coming back.

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