What it Means to Be A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

I use the word AWESOME a lot. It’s not by coincidence. It’s purely intentional.

You see, the word AWESOME is not only cool but it has a significant meaning for me.

Every time I use it, I remind myself of the 7 pillars which make up the concept of AWESOME.

A is for Aspiration
Aspiration is the desire for something big, maybe even bigger than yourself. You are looking at the long term vision and not some short term gain.

In life there are many battles but your aspiration is set on winning the war.

W is for Willpower
Willpower is the determination to do, be and accomplish anything you set your mind too. It’s about being committed to the end result.

You never settle for less than what you want and you strive for excellence at all costs.

E is for Exclusive
Exclusive is the uniqueness of any given thing or person. That unfair advantage I always talk about – that’s exclusive to you. No one can replicate it. No one can manufacture it.

Your exclusivity gives you the edge at being the best version of yourself.

S is for Spirit
Spirit is that fearless energy you embody. It’s that passion that fuels your soul. It’s that love that ignites your spark.

Your spirit gives you the boost to take care of your life and demand nothing less than happiness.

O is for Objective
Objective is the goal you set, in your personal and professional life. You set a target and aim for it. There’s beauty in having something to fight for.

Your objective in life is to live up to your own potential.

M is for Moxie
Moxie is having the courage to believe that you deserve to be happy. There are a lot of people who live this life never understanding that happiness is a birth right.

It is also a choice and it takes a whole lot of moxie to believe it and make it a reality.

E is for Expertise
Expertise is that mojo that makes you untouchable. What are you good at? We’re all good at something. The trick is to identify, nurture and embrace it.

Once you’ve tapped your expertise, the sky’s the limit.

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