This Chica is Learning to Play the Violin

It all started with a free Amazon Prime trial and a week of of work during the Christmas holiday season.

Today was day 2 of violin classes. I signed up for a 2 month class and have my cute lil violin in it’s case. Walking around town with it makes me feel musical despite the fact that I can barely keep my fingers in their proper place.

And yet here I am, holding on to the last part of my 30s and taking up an instrument that I should have learned eons ago. I was never that kid into playing instruments, for many reasons.

One I didn’t have the resources growing up to spend endless hours in practice. That cost money AND time. As someone who was constantly in babysitting mode for a younger brother, there was way more scarcity around time than money.

Two, I didn’t grow up with those kind of parental units. I would have had to show the interest, initiative and talent if I was going to be that kid playing an instrument. I recall being interested in playing the piano and learning how to play once from a neighbor. But since talent comes with practice and I was not the second coming of Beethoven, that interest became a distant memory.

I was inspired by the new year and by binging the Amazon web series “Mozart in the Jungle.” I vowed to take on new adventures and after buying a bunch of books, yarn and oracle cards I wanted to take on a different kind of challenge. Now I’m thinking about how to move my arm from my elbows and wondering if I need to hit the gym to work on my arms.

I keep hearing about “self-care” but always thought it looked like spa days with hot oil massages and someone named Helga straightening out your back. Right now, self-care looks like me walking with a violin case and listening to classical music, a major stray from Nicky Jam and Plan B.

Hopefully, soon enough, I’ll have some musical snippets to show for all my training. Once a Type A personality always a neurotic perfectionist Type A personality. =)