This Summer I am Saying Goodbye

I am shedding a new skin. It’s been in the works for some time but at last it is almost completely gone. I’ve been tying up some emotional loose ends and getting myself ready for the next phase in life.

This happens often. We go through phases and let go of that which no longer serves us. I’ve been doing inventory of what I need in my life and what needs to be discarded. This includes people, projects, perspectives, clothes, notebooks and habits.

Saying adios sucks. It means that something is over and who likes anything to be over, except maybe the new season of True Blood. But it also gives us an opportunity to embrace something new.

Change is good even when it’s not.

Today is but yet just another day however it will be remembered always. Days like today leave an impression in my soul. It stands out as a plot twist and it gives me a valuable lesson to learn. So while the old me would shudder at the thought of shedding this skin, I am embracing the changes that are on the horizon.

Even if it means feeling the most uncomfortable feelings.

Even if it means changing my environment.

Even if it means lost friendships.

Every thing and everyone serves a purpose in our journeys. Some opportunities are meant to teach us a valuable lesson. Some people are meant to remind us that we haven’t learned our lesson.

I never thought of summer as a time for metamorphosis. I relegated those moments of truths to spring or fall. Transitional seasons like those have the energy of change. Not summer. The hot months have the energy of slow down and go swimming.

So I am saying good bye so that the next time I slow down for a swim I won’t have to worry about the baggage that I’ve held onto for way too long.

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