Finding Your Voice and Keeping It: Not the Same

Sitting at a Starbucks, my 2nd and 3rd home, I look around at all the people passing by, in their short sleeves and “Thank God it’s Spring” smile, and it hits me: finding my voice and maintaining it are two entirely separate beasts.

I have 2 songs repeating on my phone: Teenage Dream by Katy Perry and Animals by Neon Trees. Minus a little addiction I have with Glee, these songs are becoming my Spring anthem because they reflect a sense of optimism and happiness, two things I’ve struggled in conveying with my voice.

If perception is reality, then my writing esteem is about as low as perhaps that of my self. It’s a work in progress, and masking my insecurities with my voice with the illusion of busy-ness and perfectionism does not take away from the fact that I want to be a writer that people actually read.

Slaying whatever demons I have to unleash that voice is not only crucial but necessary if I want to have any sense of normality and sanity in my life. I’ll deal with the repercussion later.

So after a mini-hiatus I’m back on track to finding that voice I knew I had but was unsure if it was worth sharing. And now that it is, it’s time to keep that voice consistent and vocal so that my snarkness can bring joy (or the occasional misery) to others.

Yes, I’m playfully evil that way!

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