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New Moon in Sagittarius: Innovate Your Journey

Sagittarius is the centaur, half man and half horse, with his bow and arrow. He takes aim and shoots. He then powers his animal instincts to race towards whatever he wants. It’s not a coincidence that the part of the horse he’s attached to is the legs. A horse will outrun any man.

So where do you need mystical energies to help you outrun your competition?

Sagittarius’s energy is adventurous. It’s expansion. It’s growth and wide-reaching potential.

My MC is in Sagittarius and doesn’t for a second think I won’t jump on a plane and take off for a few months, on a whim.

I moved to Miami, on a whim, while still in college.

I drove cross country, on a whim, to visit a friend and attend her conference.

I spent a month in Los Angeles, on a whim, to see if I could see myself living there permanently. (Spoiler alert: nope.)

It’s rare that I’ll ever say no to an impromptu road trip, even if it means going without Wifi for days at a time.

My adventurous spirit is that strong. Having that insight allows me to infuse adventure into my brand. Ask me about working from anywhere.

When you’re in the NYC area, I know where the free wifi spots are. I’m no stranger to a bunch of co-working spaces. I have a soft spot for digital nomad and I secretly want to live out of a suitcase while traveling all over Europe.

The Sagittarius is strong in my MC and when you know where it is in your chart, it has that same potential for you.

Sagittarius season is our chance to take bold chances.

It’s a time to set intentions that put you on a sacred journey. Here’s the thing about Sagittarius. He won’t wait for permission.

He won’t wait for all of the 200 editors that he pitched to give him the green light to write + publish his book.

He won’t wait for someone to validate his ideas.

He has the physical means to do whatever he wants. He’s got the bow, arrow, and horsepower (pun intended) to take his vision wherever he so desires.

How can you leverage this energy for your brand + business? 

It’s almost the end of this calendar and I know there’s someone who needs to hear this…



There’s something that’s within your reach but you’re either not giving it the attention it deserves or you’re thinking that it’s not realistic, practical, or profitable.

Whatever you’re itching to do did not come to you to be realistic, practical, and profitable. Your calling came to you because it’s meant for YOU to bring it to life.

Look, I’m a brand strategist. I can show you how to monetize ANYTHING. With the right structure and strategy, virtually ANYTHING can generate income.

So let’s take that off the table.

Don’t do something because you think it’s safe.

Do something because it’s calling you to do it.

Set intentions for your brand + business that are based on your wild ideas. Go ahead and make your entrepreneurial journey interesting. I triple dare you!

Sagittarius energy is not asking you to be simple or generic. He’s a centaur! What’s simple and generic about being both man and horse?!

This Sagittarius season allow yourself to be the mystical being that you already are. Think of how many things had to happen in order for you to be born. Think of all the experiences that you’ve lived through to put you right where you are now.

Life is not pre-determined but it is predictable if you know where to look. 

Your next idea is waiting to be born. It’s waiting for you to be the magical being that will bring it to reality.

Reconnect with your light and use that energy to fire your ass up!

Your vision was given to you so that you can express it to the world. Leverage this Sagittarius season to do exactly that!

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