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New Moon in Libra: Innovate Your Sense of Balance

I’m biased. Libra season hold special meaning to me now.

Not just because my natal moon is in Libra, but because this time of year is always going to be remembered as the time I had the surgery that was partially transformational for me, on an emotional level.

This is like the birthday of my physical awakening and given how Libra is ruled by Venus, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Libra season is an opportunity to love yourself in a whole different way.

Finding balance, as an entrepreneur, is hard AF. In reality, we don’t really get balance. We simply juggle the idea like it were another thing to work.

I’ve developed a love-hate relationship with the word balance. I prefer harmony which is right up Libra’s alley! Because the symbol that represents Libra is the scales.

Fun fact about Libra, it’s the only sign NOT represented by an animal or person. Go figure!

We’re closing up what many consider Q3, which is the 3rd quarter of the year. If you’ve created your bankable brand goals based on the 4Qs then you’re very likely looking over what you’ve accomplished so far so that you’re on track with your end of year milestones. I know I am!

October is the unofficial month of magic because Sanheim, Halloween, and Dia De Los Muertos are each markers for honoring the veil between the living and the dead.

I’ve never thought to consider the scales of Libra symbolizing life and death but that is a very interesting take on it, if I don’t say so myself.

Let’s go down this rabbit hole…

At the time of this writing, I am watching a show that’s remembering those who passed away in the music industry. Some were in the late 80s while others barely made it past 23.

Part of coming to terms with our purpose is finding the harmony between life and death. We are all going to pass on at some point.

So what are we doing right now with our gifts to make sure our time on this planet is memorable, meaningful, and magical? 

Much of what we strive for with our hustle is rooted in this desire to create a better life. Personally, I do what I do to feel free.

What do you want to feel with your hustle?

You’re dedicating so much of your energy, time, money, and resources to pursue your dream. What is it all for?

In the brand strategy matrix I devised, the top of the iceberg is “presence” because how we show up tells the world everything they need to know about who we are, what we’re about, and why we do what we do.

So use this time to ask yourself that same question.

How is your PRESENCE in the world showing others who you are, what you’re about, and why you do what you do?

I am a daydreamer. As a creative entrepreneur, brand strategist, and author – I work my magic to show the world that I believe anything is possible.

Everything about what I do is rooted in creative expression because this is how I define freedom.

I do this because I believe we all are special enough to share ourselves with the world.

So when you look at how I work my brand + business, these are at the core of my what and why.

What about you?

How are you showing up in the world, with a presence that reflects your what and why? 

Leverage Libra season to find harmony between hustle and legacy. What you do now has a ripple effect long after you’re gone.

Make it count.

Be strategic with how you show up.

Don’t forget that your passion are not random. They’re how you were meant to light up the world.

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