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New Moon in Capricorn: Innovate Your Work

We’ve made it through another year! Go out and celebrate that!

I could tell you how this is the time to reflect on this year: what worked and what didn’t but this is not that time.

Sometimes the best intention to set is honoring the progress you’ve made, and because Capricorn energy is ambitious and determined, use this as an opportunity to close another chapter in your life.

In a perfect world, I’d take the entire month of December off. It’s like the ultimate reset month. People are caught up in the holidays, parties, family gatherings, and snow days that it seems “off” to use this month for the hustle.

Yet my ambitious self won’t let me give up on this prime opportunity to monetize. This is the season of impulse shopping, FOMO, and a desire to start the new year with a better outlook, aka buying planners galore!

The energy of Capricorn is steady and consistent so use this to create structure for your work flow.

The time between Christmas and New Year’s Day is a weird window. You can binge watch shows on Netflix and still plan out your vision for the new year. You can sleep in and still organize your editorial calendar.

If we’re being honest, you’re reading a newsletter that was written on April 27 at 11:40pm while the 2nd episode of Game of Thrones is on the TV.

There are so many things in your brand + business that can be created in advance, so factor that into your planning when you devise a strategy to tackle the new year.

Capricorn is synonymous with strategy.

This is your season to go all in on creating the strategy for your next 90 days. You can be like me and go overboard with planning the entirety of 2020 or you can tackle your brand strategy one quarter at a time as either 3 months, 12 weeks, or 90 days.

Here are my top tips for creating a brand strategy when you’re struggling to decide which telenovela to catch up on.

Give each month a theme. Keep it simple. Select a keyword that reflects what you will focus your energy on. Remember to stay specific with your brand but also relevant to what your audience is experiencing.

Sample generic themes are below:

  • January: wellness
  • February: relationships
  • March: community
  • April: money
  • May: nurture
  • June: partnerships
  • July: entrepreneurship
  • August: travel
  • September: education
  • October: magic
  • November: gratitude
  • December: shopping

New year, new hustle, and new goals. Figure out what your money targets are and reverse engineer accordingly. Use this identify what to launch and when.

Don’t forget to factor in the seasons for your brand + business, as well as generic seasons that your audience will be familiar with.

The next few days are your best days to create in bulk. This applies to your social media posts, newsletters, emails for your funnels, client welcome series, podcast episodes, videos, whatever you have time and energy to create without distractions or pressure.

I hope this year was ah-maze-ing and I am excited to see how you take the new year and make it even more epic!

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