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Full Moon in Taurus: Release Your Stubborness

Taurus energy gets the bad reputation for being stubborn so let’s talk about that!

Talk about being misunderstood, or are they?

This full moon in Taurus energy is a great opportunity to look at where you’re being rigid and inflexible with your brand + business.

I’ll go as far as to say that you’re probably way too invested in the outcome of your work that you don’t just have tunnel vision, you’re downright bullish about your hustle especially when it comes to $$$.

When it comes to money, wealth, and material possessions – what are you holding onto that you need to let go of?

Are you fixated on what you think you’re financially worth?

Are you tethered to things more so than people?

Where are your loyalties?

We all have our beliefs and the things we believe to be true. How committed are you to those beliefs? 

Leverage Taurus energy to push your own buttons and challenge yourself in areas that you are stubborn about. The luxuries you have are simply that…luxuries.

What can you do without?

Would your hustle benefit from giving away things?

This is the PERFECT time to review your website and eliminate what’s not needed.

Clean your digital house and get rid of plugins, pages, and any files that are weighing your site down. Yes these things do affect load time too!

Look at your social profiles. Are there posts that you don’t really need anymore? Delete them.

Are there articles that don’t vibe with your brand? Repurpose them. 

When I think of Taurus, I don’t see stubborn.

I see a fear of being wrong.

I see a desire to get it right.

These inbox conversations are always a judgement-free zone. Instead of focusing on what’s being projected, spend time understanding why.

Don’t approach this full moon release with a judgmental eye on yourself. Be kind and understanding.

It’s never a good idea to hold on to something for the sake of holding on. Don’t be afraid to get it wrong. Be open and trusting that the universe has your back.

Leverage this Taurus energy to take charge of your evolution by surrendering the thoughts and possessions that are weighing down your brand + business.

Look through your content and file everything under one of 3 things: keep, delete, repurpose.

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